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You fifteen hellish if I do not. I think he was. Did he play Saturday? I don't think he did. So that's that's internal. Shoot promise you. Okay. Well, but James listen. I do have to question you and your and you certainly. And I'm not. I'm not throwing your where your agrees from everyone knows where you went to stand bleed purple and go. I'm biggest home of you have ever seen in your life and I also know injustice and outrage when I see it. And by the way, this view is not just held me in Baton Rouge. I gotta tell you Paul, it is become a big issue and I don't mind being questioned. I'm a big guy. I like, you know, as much about dollars anybody, but you gotta, you gotta show your viewers, but that tape up kids flooded of the hit in Tennessee gain in when we did and put up the Tennessee Alabama record. But alas, since two thousand five in atlas, ask some hard questions because I think you and I want to same thing. I wanna LSU to win, but I wanna I want them to have a level playing field. They're not getting. I don't know anyone who likes the fact that he's not going to be in that game. I hate it because it's it's one of the greatest games on the college football landscape every year. And this one is as big as any. We've had since two thousand eleven. Sit in student section, and I might know some words some day in the Marine Corps working offshore. My be yell leader. The only thing I do have to question you on though, is the against the Commissioner, the accusation against some call cabal between the in Alabama because you're you're, you are correct about Alabama, playing Tennessee, Florida playing LA shoe, and Joe Aleve and others have brought this out in the past, but but but I but I'm not sure how you translate all to suggesting that the Commissioner, the who's a very well respected person in intercollegiate. Athletics would be part and parcel or party to something like this. I again, you know, they're all inbred that sitting in Birmingham. Why? SEC office can't be in Atlanta. I have no idea if you can't get the Birmingham SE who still, you know how many SEC have non stops. James thirty years. I can attest. I know the answer to that. Okay. They go to the same clubs. They do the same thing and every time something comes up, it's always an Alabama. I wouldn't believe the Saudi government before I believe the SEC Commissioner's office. That's that's a fact in. I do think in a lot of people do stay collusion is a loaded word. Well, you know, one inconsistency after another that favors one member institution of another institution to me is ever to something this. And, and you know, people that love college without love SEC football, we want the best call and he has the power right now to overturn that and here scared to death to do it. But I don't believe he does. I'm not going argue your point confront out your the, the real several. I smile. With people in that office and and and it is their interpretation. Again. Don't you call the Saudi Crown prince and ask him, you'll get a straight answer. Well. I'm one of these cable shows which used to which used to host. But I mean, you're you're, in essence suggesting that the league office. Is is acting in a criminal way because coming away, it's a crime to Opole a horrific call and not make other calls. I don't know about a crime. I know one thing it is utterly unjust. It is not fair. It is not in the best spirit. Athletes, you've advised precedents. Obviously, you put a few an office. You put a few senators and governors, and even I think the president or prime minister of Israel. So you've got your resume as well. Well entrenched, would you suggest to him to overturn it? Whether it's legal or not? I'm just trying to understand what where you're going. I wrote in my piece in the name of everything is right, holy. In just in this world down this abomination, you can do it. Big. I'm not question. I'm begging, you know, let Mr. mister Commissioner be fair. Our athletes be fair to the people that you're sitting there and you're supposed to represent that interest..

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