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You love this man. You know we got. We got a group. Chat now is cool. Shallow to the girl lands here jazzy. For like the life gig. 'cause he he really is a lover anyways. Go ahead yeah. He was seeing. You seen with julia. Anne house at brothers story today and julia is back in the picture august. Poor harry or i mean. I don't know what happened right. But i seen julia with my brother again. And it just goes to show man this this. La relationship stuff is tricky one day. You're together one day. You're not words one day you're flying on a jet across the country with some athlete or it's just fucked dot man. It's all fucked up. It's like it's like you think you have things like i said. I think you have things figured out in the moment or by the way. There's also like other things that pull you. There's a lot of temptation. I don't know if anybody watching this knows it's but there's a lot of good looking people in the city. I can't relate to any of this. Shit i know because you're a good christian who lives in arizona. I guess not gonna no. It's like first of all get that. No it's just people need to understand when she gets hard he can't just throw it away. It's not you can't archivist picture. You them saying yeah. I'm looking at you bitch. My girlfriend this fucking poor woman down and talk to both of you guys. You catch a fucking grip or catch these hands just not. They're just not easy easy though it is you guys. He's got a fucking second up. And if you pull the trigger mean it don't fucking just pull the trigger to pull the trigger. It's not an air soft gun because no because sometimes you pull the trigger irrationally halon doors and maybe door you do with how you talk how we do it in different places you you are one that sticks out your relationship and you make it through tough times and you're grounded in in a little bit more of simplicity. You understand that in both are relationships that there are factors that you don't have to necessarily deal. No i understand. All i get it. But both sides mess. Let me let me talk. I've had that relationship. Where i break up and get back and break up and get back and do this and do that but you gotta start taking time to realize might be fucking you and it was. It was me at the second up for anybody listening. They're going to hate me for saying this. But i'm alan on on a quick track to get cancelled soon. Sada's might as well hop on that train. I believe i might be old fashioned. I feel like a man in the relationship needs to be a leader but doesn't mean it's worth more. I'm not saying the man's worth more saying you got to lead. With example i feel has a lot of hormones are built this way. If they're going off the wagon respect it deal with it like a man how. What the if to fucking couples are like freaking out every two seconds to me. That's two chicks. Do you have your right first of all wrong with dating or george. Listenclear quarter triptych. Cancel me. I agree with you. I speak for myself. There's a certain amount of ego that exists in a relationship between to delist pseudo celebrities. One who has every rapper in his inner fucking inbox and thirteen million instagram. And the other one is a proud host of the number one one eight six. Listen what i'm getting at. Is this factors understand that certain relations have more simplicity. I'm not saying you're relationships easy. I'm just saying i. I have not been as good me personally. She's done great. I've not been as good as you're saying. I should be at navigating the insane waters. That is a fucking internet relationship. Which is why no matter what happens. I'm i feel confident. In saying i won't have a return to an to a couple of channel that that adds an aspect long. Did you post the video before breaking after breaking up how long it was a little quick look. It was an amateur so fucking. There's another factor that you have to take into account what i what i probably. Yes your relationship here. Here's a here's a what i was gonna say. 'cause you're right a relationship tell you it will tell you what's wrong with you. Hundreds lot lot of room for personal growth in relationships. I'm gonna steal this quote from our friend. Our good friend who you guys both know and love guru saw this going viral on tiktok. I'm gonna steal it. And hopefully now. I go viral on tiktok as if these are my words. This is the bad breath one. I'm going to say okay. What listen let's say you don't brush your teeth for three days right side guru said your nose right above your mouth your nose right above your mouth your sniffer won't be able to tell that your breath smells but breath. Smells bad but everyone in the room will know that. Your breath smells bad right. He said this is the human predicament. It's so easy to say. Oh this is. What's wrong with her was wrong with him. This was wrong with that guy over there but it's so much harder to tell. What do i have to improve here. What's wrong with me. And what areas do. I need to work on your noses right above your mouth. What he's saying. How in theory. It should be so easy to look inward smell your breath and identify where you need to improve what your shortcomings are. But it's just not for whatever reason that's the human predicament. Thanks a lot of work. It takes a lot of work in a lot of maturity and maybe a drop of the ego. That's hard for me. it's. It's just for me to like george georgia's ben in relationships. I haven't been in a relationship in over a decade. And the first one i got into was highly publicized. A massive integration between love and business which is just tragic tricky tricky tree the amount of times when we should've taken a one week break to to gather our thoughts but couldn't because we had content to deliver to the night shift audience gave up again and i will too with. This is a learning lesson for me. I do need to do a lot better. And i love the idea that i have separated that relationship from the night shift brand i. I never wanted to have a couple of channel. I saw the views. Eight million on the first video than six million and five million than eight million four million. I lost track of the idea that one point five million two million views. Doing what i wanna fuck in do is way more important than eight million views from people who are coming to see a girl channel but you hit trending for the first time. How'd that feel. I did it without her on the phone now because she was the topic. Fuck you know why why you're trending. I figured out. Because i took the night shift. Maybe possible. Youtube trending wholesomeness wholesomeness. My editor said the store. Our food group chat the other day. This was the training page. I mean this diktat galore and look how wholesome best friends each other costumes. Baking halloween treats rating halloween. Candy carving pumpkins for my best friends charlie. Now james chase. Ray dixie demilio. These people are just so wholesome. And i fear that i've have gone down the wrong path too long. I don't know if i'm holding. Here's my question for you. Where where are they making these people like. Where are these people being because these are clearly moltes built from a built from a factory. Do you know the power. Puff girls. Yes you know how the doctor a little sugar spice and something nice. That's how these people were made so what. Where did the doctor go wrong with me when he started adding. You're mr moser jo-jo yours just like glue go in comes out the boehner paul. Little points some chicken sandwiches chick-fil-a. Yeah no this. Is you also created by the doctor. Like you're the you're the evil green monkey with the big brain created by the doctor. Yeah that's the power of girls beat up. So this is. I mean some could interpret this saying you're going to get your ass kicked by tiktok stars. I guarantee i can almost guarantee that. By twenty twenty one. I'll have had my ass be by the house or drip cravers..

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