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The world's first twenty four hour our stereo video music channel you became flashier and more aggressive and began to rely much heavier on disco influences and heavier electronic sentence so for years. Yep Roc was seen as cool. It was consigned to wedding parties and dusty record collections. I'm came in to be seen as hit me of one thousand nine hundred eighty. S Small Seed Fund fool music but what you're seeing seeing. Is that the wind in its way back in the sales of y'all rock now yeah definitely now on spotify there's playlist that have hundreds of thousands of followers and and also if you look at things like Google searches for yacht rock they've steadily climbed since the twenty tens and you see this nice little spike in summer months when people try and seek the guy that distinctive west coast sound not summery breezy be your house and when people are seeking out. Are they looking back to these classics or are we or the new yachtsman. They're definitely looking back for these classics but I think a testament to the influence of this genre of music is the fact got so many modern day artists looked back to it and include traits in their music today and some examples include fragments of time by Daft punk and if you listen to vampire weekend money of their tracks have distinctive yacht qualities to them if you're looking for more latent tribute than I think you need look no no further than undercuts show you the way which actually features Michael McDonald.

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