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Hit shutout ball and Kyle Schwab bops a. Two run Homer up in the home team sweep the reds nine nothing Schwab or in the cubs, won five in a row and hold a four game first place lead on Saint Louis four and a. Half up on the brewers you look at the history of this team second-half, kind of been our our go point. So Obviously we hit the little skit there with. Just offense offense aside but you know we we're just going to keep doing our thing. And You know there's no panic on. Our side at all we're in a, great spot or in the cubs house. The Mets and Noah Syndergaard did I channel Esther starts Kris Bryant starts a rehab assignment with. AAA Iowa white socks over the Tigers seventy-two Michael Kolpak starts second. Major, league game and wins his first six innings of one run. Ball Daniel goes, deep, socks are in New York face the Yankees tonight Yes the dog days the bears NFL preseason. Comeback walk by Daniel Brown to help Daniel get around that corner. It is hard so yes. Because, Daniels and chase Daniel, but he is standing Daniel, Brown, chasing, Danielle James Daniels you know so you, got Marlin Brown so there's all kinds of name confusion might see chase Lytton a quarterback for Kansas City today Jeff fair having some fun Colin Saturday's bears win over the, chiefs, of victory that, featured, mostly. Reserves it'll be reserves again with the bears host buffalo in the exhibition finale, Thursday night, at Soldier Field six o'clock pre game, seven o'clock. Kick-off bears, Thursday Andy Dalton got a huge pre-game ovation. In buffalo the Bengals quarterback lines on two touchdown passes, bills fans love Dalton because he helped him get to the. Playoffs last season Bryson into Shambo wins, by four PJ's Northern Trust Hawaii shutout. South Korea three nothing the Hawaiians when the Little League World series title on all of the..

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