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Users can select activities that they enjoy like running or playing tennis then the apple tell users the optimal time to partake by color coding it time slider so for like fishing the apple take into account information like wind or tides so choppy waters will not drive away your fish tech report Larry Wilson NBC news radio Wednesday look for rain and some thunderstorms from the mid Atlantic north into southern New England even a little snow in some parts of central Pennsylvania in the higher terrain of West Virginia showers and rain Delaware south to the Carolina coast and a few showers for northern Florida as well most of the central U. S. free of rain on Wednesday the only exception is the mid to upper Mississippi River valley where little rain will fall Great Lakes states in the fifties and sixties for Wednesday rain showers for the north west with some snow for the Bitterroot showers for central and western Montana Wednesday some snow in north central Idaho you're sixty six in Billings Montana very warm day on Wednesday in the southeast many cities eighty five to ninety cities such as San Antonio Houston New Orleans in Jacksonville Florida out west again a large supply of sun for California partly to mostly sunny San Diego to Los Angeles that's your national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio the global death toll from covert nineteen has surpassed two hundred fifty thousand the US has had more deaths sixty nine thousand than any other country the major hot spot is New York city and its suburbs governor Andrew Cuomo says New York businesses will re open in stages to reduce the risk of a second wave.

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