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Have really been the boogeyman for them and finished. Started to get any proper treatment but wentz guy in the rather tom that he was sick. Anita treatment there was such strict rules of his movement and what he can and cannot do and without saying it lead to more premature. This i think the player role because yet to wait around yet to get approval there was a lot of red type around him getting proper help for his voice cancer. Absolutely the died in nineteen seventy seven and you know. Many people say that we missed out on one of the true intellectual heroes of the struggle and someone who was a deeply principled man. They eventually inscribed very interesting quote on his tombstone. It was these his woods true leadership. And i don't think anyone by the way can argue this. This is one of those things that unless you're you're an ignoramus or you are willfully being destructive stupid. Can you disagree with us. Listen to this. This is beautifully says. True leadership demands complete subjugation of self absolute integrity and uprightness of character courage and fearlessness and above all consuming. Love for one's people shoyer argue with that. Yeah he was. Buried back in crawford net and Luckily one of the few things that a department of arts and culture whoever might be responsible have done because they not good at keeping up history and particularly on ansi history. Something that the very bitter about and they should be They have restored his grave profit. They've they've i think they've almost made it a bit uglier but at least someone's looking after it was buried in quite a simple grave. It's got a tombstone. His wife is now buried next to him. But you know his children live all over. The world and in fact grew up for much of their lives in america. He sent him over there to study with the little money he had and he was famous by the way for giving away lots of the money that he was meant to keep for his own use and he never left anything close to a grand life. He was tremendously humble man right to the end. Someone who i wish i had known more about. You know i. He'd died before. I was born. But i would have liked to have known more about him. I would have liked to have had the opportunity and his voice was never recorded his friend. Benjamin and often says that he regrets the fact that he didn't record him in a few meetings they had in kimberly he and his wife. Anne used to come visit robertson veronica and he said he was so scared of recording him just in case that got him roberts into trouble and you know again we missed out on a real leader here if you go to that little house and rub nine and which is tiny. It's the size of probably most people's botham and it was really neglected as as part of the whole rubber nine and exhibit for the longest time. I know that they've opened it up now but to get the sense of complete isolation and despair at this man must have gone through during that time while he was working away trying to get these degrees but the idea that he couldn't speak anyone seems to me to be a punishment that is the most cruel kind for an intellectual agreed after percent. So there he is robert mangaliso sobukwe. Who died in nineteen seventy seven and really has left an enduring mark on south africa and the pac continues to be a party which has a very limited. But i suppose an intellectually important history in south africa there is one of the tiniest little parties non and that's largely as a result. What happened off to rub it soup. Grand the fact that the anc con claim him as their own and therefore don't go to huge trouble to emphasize his role in history. But a man who's affected the coast of south africa's story eighty nine like to learn more about Yeah i found reading about him and listening to this interviews extraordinarily interesting so there is rubbish. Sabuku south african. We can be very proud of the man who who did what he said and said what.

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