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Happy Friday! Friday gotta get down on Friday hope everyone is having a fabulous teacher. I'm thrilled that it's Friday. I'm thrilled that T h. e is here on Tgif. It's only appropriate. He's in position for the show. The other day he was out of frame, and so everyone just gets the blessing that is theo. To Dora. Due to Dora. Oh, due to the Dora and she angel Dora Per Chairman Dora Wonderful Angel Dora I love him Dora light of my life Dobra perfect, fat door, apple of my eye. Dora apple of my eye to. Peanut Butter Jelly Dora. Precious Lovely Dura. We're so glad to have a special guest here today. That is theo. He is going to help us deliver a fabulous show for you because there's so much going on, there's still not recap, but that's not going to stop us from being fabulous for like forty five minutes. It will not stop us hour. Episodes have been so short and it's like no, it's not our fault. It's just because there's like nothing going on in the world, but I find myself being very very very very very wordy. Add time to the show. It's like I'm writing a paper I. Feel the need to be extraordinarily boasts. There's no television. RECAPS you'll. End of each episode of the morning Toes and look the news lately hasn't been like super salacious. You know it's just kind of sad. Yeah, I agree so. We're doing our best destructions, which is out on as much as we can just know that we are aware of the problem and we're working on it. Also speaking of just lengthy episodes, we posted another patron episode yesterday, Partout, General Q. and partout of being honest raw real. Ganic that's what happens behind the Pay Wall Shit. We're getting naked. So if you want to hear from us here, what we're up to our feeling head to peak tram dot com slash morning. Toast is our fourth episode of the month. If you're not aware, Petron is our subscription service for seven dollars and ninety nine cents a month to get five extra episodes from us..

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