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To win a fifty percent off code at motor K. O. T. E. that common how are we doing that tonight it and how we get riddles and are you gonna lose a give me the answer to rule and we will take your email in name and then so does send you a code that code is redeemable only on the website you can order any about any groupings anything you want would you check out you put in that you put in the code your bill will be cut in half such a deal now let us remind everyone that in order to get the code in order to use the code you need to sign up and kind of read this stir if you will add the the motor K. O. T. E. dot com website there if Europe previously were signed up earlier like a boat like a year or so ago and you had a code you didn't get it you have to re enter your your sign up and put in your password we could not transfer the passwords so when that password is put in your history will will transfer it to the new our website which is actually been up about a year now if you're having if you had that problem before that's the reason why nine to get to the website of motor K. O. T. E. data cam and get registered for the first time or re registered if you haven't been to the website in awhile so that you can get your code and then use your code that's the most important thing right there because it can save you a ton of money on all your.

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