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I mean you rarely the aspirin one you know not many. I guess maybe a few in the heavyweight division just because those guys are so fucking pardon my language strong like I can't imagine being hit by him I think about how many fights the row where we're talking about it before we start the podcast. The sport now is almost over saturated we almost have too much content for MMA. That at this point is becoming so much but even still even on the smaller Oh cards even on the amateur cards California throws somewhere between I WANNA say between one hundred eighty and two hundred and twenty boxing gourmet events per year professional on top of that CAMMO throws probably another hundred to one hundred fifty of amateur remain on top of that. A lot of animated animated goes through California. I don't know what the split between I'm pro between versus boxing but there is a there is a a boxing. Every Friday night de la Hoya throws a golden glove aurea golden golden boy. Thank you sorry. Golden boy promotion a basketball every Friday night. Someplace in the state and its four fights and it's so it's eight guys as guys are trying to bring up and you go at least fights and they all go to the distance. You never seen knockout like you showed knockouts now become a lot more infrequent one because the scientists better around training the scientists better about how to recuperate like why. Why is a Evan working on their neck muscles? Because that's how you stop from getting knocked out. Why nobody worried about hydration nationwide cutting such a big deal now because that adds into if you dehydrated when you're in a fight I was thinking you get hit? I had sad dropped twenty pounds of water weight to make weight but only put fifteen back on again. I'm five pounds deficit when I start to fight comes second round. I'm probably seven or eight pounds deficit going to the second round with a nice clean shot. It's GonNa put me out because I don't have the liquid barrier between my skull and my brain and my brain bus up my skull knocks me out now with how way cutting to become a big issue the sciences this is better between Diet and exercise. Civically for athletes is better. WanNa start seeing a lot less knockouts rows missy guys. We will go longer and we're GONNA see guys and they do get knocked out are going to have a a lot longer time off before they able to come back again because we know it's that time off. Anybody talks about always got a glass Chin bossing all time question now. We can't recuperate recuperate. He had one bad knockout and he needed. It's concussion from it. He needed to take six months to eight months off from full-contact from shaking his ad for moving around much and he's a stop all that to get his brain. He'll what athlete in their right. MIND IS GONNA take that that eight months or nine months off to get their brain hill. We're not we'RE NOT GONNA do it at all. I WANNA go right back in the next week you can get punched in the face. I did it the same time I got a got. A concussion went back. Four fights in a row where they're concussion you like no wonder I got no wonder starch in one of those sites is because I'm not completely healed. We didn't know that back then. Now we know this guy needs time off town. Coach just smarter manages the smarter. The motors are smarter and now is list. There's a list. Oh Hey trey got knocked out in May actually want him to fight in July. Let's call him Noni pass protocol yet. He's not he's not able to fight yet again and California's Pasolini tests. I let's see. Pass the test you know. Now it's a whole different thing so it's gotten a lot better from that mindset. We're going to see a lot of knockouts brain damage anymore. I mean when I say a lot the the I mean the the volume of what we saw in the past can be a lot less. Are we still going to see them. Oh absolutely absolutely so you guys get a lot of them if you really listen and look at how they are really. TKO's guys are getting beat up so much that we're like not enough we stopped. We're stopping it. Even Boxing Guy Getting beat up bicycling stopped a lot quicker now a lot quicker because it is scary. Seen this guy getting brain damage and we are are two grown ass men grass women throwing punches and kicks at each other. We're trying to do damage. The person we we may not be the May not be an evil person. But we're trying to win this fight. We're I'm trying to pay for our training camp paper families right. Do these things right so with that. You gotta like okay. This person's GonNa hit this person's heart as possible and very quickly to finance aunts frequently spice go on and say okay guys getting too deep fight back and looking to stop it fightback fightback okay fights gone. I'm totally until I know you're totally fine. Totally fine next month when we fight again. Let's just move on. You know like in like I love that. You're a fighter. Now raph because it reminds me Paul Stewart who was a goon fighters don't like being called goons But he was probably a goon even he would say I was a gone and that and then he became a raft. And say it's it's the perfect you'd think. Wow that's the perfect Post retirement job. Because you're going to know what rules to break or you're GonNa know what rules are being broken. Okay you broke every one of them when you were playing. Is it similar for you rapping like you know what to look for because at one point you're the guy maybe You Might WanNa go out and get something to eat and come back and you'll have time to listen to later. I love. It is a long story. Let me tell you this right now. You're the perfect podcast guests and I don't say this to kiss draft but like you don't give one word answers like I've had some guests out you know like Don was the same way ahead. Tell us about your Gary Goodridge. I coulda left and ran a marathon and come back still be talking So this is having take as much time as you want so I was talking crap about how bad the the judge the referee was and I was like my friends are GonNa kill somebody to watch one of my friends die. It was getting that Dyer. John McCarthy overheard heard me talking about it he said Oh you think it's so easy to take my course Mike full I just stop fighting. I know all the rules and what I'm doing I'm GonNa take your course you stupid little command cores. I'm a blow right through this thing. I know everything there is no about fighting. There's nothing not one damn thing you can teach me in your course. Three course one of the most intensive courses I've ever taken besides me working on my captain's license right now for for charters are going to be a charter captain. I learned so much in that course and failed miserably. I mean it wasn't even close. I was on the radar guys past. There's only thirteen people my core class class. I think one or two people pass the first time I took it and everybody else failed. I was the bottom of the heat. I knew less than the guy that was just a fan. I literally had no idea I was talking about but I would thank someone who fought in pride back in. Let's just say the the renegade days that you would have that you would have passed easily because you saw. Aw probably a hundred times more than say what you know an amateur fighter who never made it and who's now wrath like. What did you miss everything? Thank you didn't know what the rules are. And this is a problem. It's very unique to anime. Most fighters coaches trainers. Don't know what the actual rules are. They don't actually know what the rule is and by commissioner slight differences within each commission. One Hand Down for a downed opponent to has down for down opponent. which way as how is it? Whatever Baba it changes per commission and that's fine little little minute? Rules is still five minute rounds. Three rounds or still five rounds. That's pretty much it. I go fishing but there's a lot of other little nuance rules. That people don't even know a lot of the commentators. Don't know what the actual rules are like. They don't really know what they're talking about when he's come through. I was like I couldn't believe what I didn't know about the sport that I compete in for fifteen years is that I actually didn't know what the hell the rules we're at halftime and what to look for as a referee what to look for as a judge to be able to judges fight on its actual merit of what. The fight is happening. Not being being boxing. Heavy not being submission. Heavy not being wrestling had three times so he must have won the fight. No you gotta look at the entire fight from different positions what is actually causing damage. What is actually happening in this? You have to know all these positions. I knew nothing I had to go back in a year later and take the course again and I barely passed the second time it was so I didn't actually pass the second time and John is the person who passes or fails John Lane his wife. Those they do everyday Jerry Jones partner they view look at everything they go all of it. I actually didn't pass a second time. How I passed? The second time was to go in and I had to take six weeks apprentice John once a week for two hours at a gym in Valencia. At a sit there and go through and do a privates with him how to how to judge at the end of six weeks I got to do. Three fights on a university of M. A.. Amateur Bout for Cam. Oh I left three house at the end of three bouts. He goes okay now. We've reffed three libraries the amateur level neither gone through all the protocol. You are now ready to say that you have passion and I got my got my check-marked I passed command course now. Now I've got to go do a hundred at the amateur level. One hundred hundred dollars at the amateur level one hundred nine hundred promotions because you might get three or four are sometimes five. Depending if you do Antonia McKee's event down in Metro you might get three or four. But if you do Jason Stewart's epic writing down in down in San Diego. He has like like twenty-five on his car. And you might get five or six. It just depends but you have to do one hundred bouts before you can apply for your card. That's the that's the role. That's the rule. If you've never left before he comes to Santa California you have to do one hundred amateur level bouts you can't start refereeing at the amateur level until you pass Herbie's he's.

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