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Moment insurance or two uh your your insurance company can do that is beyond me yeah well you know i i remember years ago when when all of this privacy was starting to disappear and i was hearing about people loaning money would check and see what you bought with your credit card people who bought chrome for their cars would get a low rating they were bad risks especially if they had skullandcrossbone hub caps but people who bought and birdseed were considered of no not risk at all i mean that they were they were wonderful they would loan them money because they were spending money for the public good that they didn't have to speak so they're made all kinds of assumptions about us based on whatever little phony psychological formulas they come up with so you may have found one there with the credit rating editor stand like a job working with mud and you have a uh a corner credit rating uh and nato on t to be tempted to or they worried you might be tempted to take money and a your bill uh uh i can understand that uh but uh insure academy of the only thing they should be worried about whether i pay them all the time looking at the only thing i'm worried about whether or not inexpensive coming home and what is that they find me yeah all insurance companies are equal are they trevor am i going to look at uh heard it right you know how they pay their bills to their for their and colleagues and stuff like that to determine if i wanna use as a as a company you you might to check out this this the zebra dot com and see if you can take up any clues as to these things so it might help you which is good in which israel ahead hey thanks recalling we are with ryan and kansas city good morning ryan good morning i've been thank you for taking my call um to save number one uh my auto insurance by has been has been and still is great um my.

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