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My Gosh Brian Dunne. Is So perfect 'cause I. Love Human Names for dogs and there was a family guy, TV. So tie in, but it's it's really neat or. I'm really excited about how well that's gone during those cameo videos. Download snap cameo finds me books me all the money that's raised a book me to do a video a shout personal shout out of its birthday anniversary you name it whatever it is All I don't directly donate every dime a stranger local animal rescue where we got our dog Brian, which is really near and dear to SA- mine and my wife Taylor started means a lot us. So we were really thankful for that. So. I'm guessing that you grew up don guy had several as you were a kid and up to present day. Yeah Yeah we had We had a long time. Dog a black lab her name was Gracie. Grown up we had a cat as well. So I've always been an animal. Animal Lover I I. Feel really strongly about that and WANNA take care of animals as much as I can my wife's very sensitive about to if we you know CNN animal that's in need or anything like that. That's just that's something that means the most to us. So you have always been animal guy and our dog Brian is basically our son. He gets a five, my wife last Taylor when I when I come home from a race, I greet him for probably twenty minutes and I'm in the floor lay in with them and or wrestling around, and he's so excited to see me and then she's like, hello, I'm here to say to me. That's exactly how it is at my house to and I. Know You know this? Guy Yourself. that it doesn't matter to them whether you crash on lap one, win the Daytona five hundred. They're just glad to see you all the time. It's the best feeling in the world I'm telling you especially after you know well, after good days are bad days. But if you have a bad day, tell you, it's the best mental therapy can have. I forget about it completely for that little bit when you walk in the door and you're greeted like a hero, you know and. To have your dog is so excited genuinely just to see my dog I mean, truly our dog Brian is my best friend. I take him with me when I go played this off, you know take them to different places with me and we we do everything together. He's fully trained to Siamese amazing dog that relationship is something special I love love animals. Matt Di Benedetto is forty four points ahead of the NASCAR Cup series playoff cutline, but new winners could start changing that very quickly..

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