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Thomas Brooks was shot in the arm by Ellen PD officer Jason McGuire while attempting to evade arrest in a stolen car here's Alan PT major Jamie schlup Ostrom of water was not injured during the incident and during the pursuit fourth division officer Joseph partition was injured when his vehicle struck a utility pole Brooks is now facing multiple charges including attempted murder he's being held on a half million dollar bond Heatley Hanssen newsradio wait forty WHAS on Thursday the Kentucky state police notified of a domestic violence call that occurred in Trumbull county upon arrival officers determined Christopher bell of Bedford had been involved in a domestic violence assault with his brother and mother he then returned to his residence at forty four Ogden ridge road officers were unable to contact in there utilizing a robotic device to individuals inside the residence with what preliminary investigation indicates are self inflicted gunshot wounds the two individuals were identified as Christopher bell and Kristen bell of Bedford the two were husband and wife Kristin was pronounced deceased at the scene Christopher transported to Trumbull county EMS to Clarke Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries investigation into that incident is ongoing the food drug administration taking steps to begin enforcing the raise in the minimum wage a minimum age rather to purchase tobacco products no one under the age of twenty one will be allowed to legally buy tobacco products starting in twenty twenty the FDA has up to six months to change its policies on another ninety days to implement them to make the change president trump signed the new minimum age into law as part of a funding bill last week many nationwide retailers including Walmart and Walgreens have already raised the minimum age they required to sell tobacco Tom Roberts NBC news radio do you have the eyes investigating hundreds of pardons that former governor Matt Bevin granted before he left office the pardon sparked criticism from both sides of the political aisle among the partners was a convicted rapist to was related to his nine year old victim criticism of Bevin included questions of whether he granted some pardons as political favors well it's the battle of the bluegrass in Lexington Kentucky today number three local cardinals race the number nineteen Kentucky Wildcats at Rupp arena local coach Chris Mack expects the cats will come out strong and it's not going to be an easy environment there obviously down after losing a couple games they've got competitive kids can be a challenge and one I hope we're up for the last time you'll bell one at Rupp was in January of two thousand eight coach cal very complimentary about this local team this is a really good basketball team Chris is done a great job with his team a veteran team they run their stuff what they really do is defend their really guarding give you tough looks tip off is set for today at three forty five will have coverage here on the forty W. H. A. S. and seven ninety K. R. D. Kentucky moving in the wrong direction when it comes to deadly crashes so far this year seven hundred nine people have been killed in crashes on the state's highways that's more than in twenty eighteen in more than half of the deadly crashes this year.

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