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Death of his ex-girlfriend in her Oakland apartment and Darby will be sentenced to life in prison this afternoon. Besides the homicide. Darby is also charged in to rape cases. One involving a woman in Indiana county and the other involving an underage girl in Elizabeth last minute lobbying and negotiations in Harrisburg on a Bill to allow older victims of clergy sex abuse to go to court, Katie k radio's Joe to steal reports. GOP leaders who control the state Senate say a Bill passed by the Republican controlled house is unconstitutional. It follows the recommendations of a state grand jury report, including a two year window for older victims to sue top Senate democrat, j Kosta says he's been told by house leaders, if the Senate doesn't pass it. It's dead this year four recommendations and a window of at least one to two years and a quarter camoflauge. Civil action that they're not likely to take it up. Senate GOP leaders favor of victims compensation fund paid for by the Catholic church Joe to steal NewsRadio ten twenty. Katie. First lady, Melania. Trump's plane was forced to return to a Washington area. Military base this morning because of smoke in the cabin a spokesperson says everyone is fine and safe after the aircraft returned to join base Andrews. Mrs Trump was scheduled to visit a Philadelphia hospital to meet with families of children affected by exposure to opioids in the womb verse ladies team is now evaluating whether to make other arrangements to travel to that event. Also, Hillary Clinton was seemingly unharmed when the secret service vehicle. She was riding in was involved in a crash last night Clinton was headed to a fundraiser in Jersey City when the vehicle pulled into a parking garage made a left turn and he had a concrete column. Allergy sufferers are well aware. Spring pollen has given way to fall ragweed in mold Allegheny health network. Allergist Alison Freeman tells the Katie k radio morning. News outdoor allergens are at the only concern is the seasons are changing a lot of pet sufferers will come in and say to me, oh, but my dog doesn't bother me. But when you turn on the heat, and you sir up all that old dander from the year before it probably will Dr Freeman suggests changing furnace filters every six weeks running blankets comforters through hot water when they come out of storage on Wall Street Hefferin, Tillerson says the markets continue a downward trend right now. The Dow is off by two hundred sixty six points at twenty five thousand five thirty three. The NASDAQ is down sixty points at seventy five eighty six in sports of.

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