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Heel fans. Welcome back to the second. Let's ride. We know what it is on monday or the day after the game when we talk about winners and losers and this week i had five winners and losers. Now let's be clear you're probably wondering you're probably asking yourself at this time. How in the world could you have five winners. I felt that there were players still played well enough to earn in deserve some credit and you might also be thinking eight losers i could have twenty two losers eleven on both sides of the football. I can't. I'm not doing that number one. I can't do that number two. I mean that would be a disa- longest article ever but also it would become monotonous. There were some players that could bounce either way like ben rothlisberger for the second straight week. I don't have money either list. It's a situation where i thought ben didn't play great. The interception was awful. I think we'll all admit that he'd admit that he did admit that after the game. But i also think about. He didn't play poor enough that i would put them on the loser list. So let's go through this. We'll we'll hammer these out. Five winners eight losers. Let's get started with winners top winter. I should have had this individual in the winters column last week after the win buffalo. But i didn't do it. I overlooked and i apologize. Not overlooking this though. Chris boswell deserves to be on the winners list. He was money from fifty six yards out the longest field goal in heinz field history. That's impressive. he's been money in the bank. Ever since two thousand eighteen it was just a debacle of the season. I said this on the post game show. I'll say it here as well. The steelers could have easily easily. Just said you know what in two thousand eighteen he was. That bad boswell. Was that bad that they said we're done with them. Just we'll get rid of in the nfl trees kickers like a dime a dozen anyways. But they stuck with them. Maybe it was for contractual reasons. Maybe it wasn't for whatever reason. Chris boswell has made the steelers say boy are. We glad we kept that guy. Around another solid outing by chris boswell. He deserves to be on the winners list. Next nashi harris stat line ten rushes thirty eight yards but he adds five forty three yards. Receiving any did have his first touchdown receiving touchdown. I've believe those about twenty three yards. So g harris najji harris again the stats don't really bear out that he should be on the winners list. But again this thirty eight yards boy. Did he have to earn him. He had to earn every single one of those thirty eight yards. And i love seeing the five receptions for forty three. The steelers should use more in the passing game. Everyone talked about his dual threat ability and things of that nature. The one thing though if you think back to everyone wants to compare them lady on bell and rightfully so i get very similar in stature style stuff like that but the steelers used more in passing. They actually trusted him to run routes to catch the football. I don't think najji is there from route running standpoint but he certainly capable if they can get him the bond space that's when he does his damage if that's passing soviet najji harris's a winner in this game next winter be wide. Receiver deontay johnson. Here is his stat line. He had nine catches on twelve targets for one hundred and five yards a forty one yard long. You know. I didn't mention this earlier in the first segment but when we talked about injuries deontay johnson should have been brought up in a on a meaningless play. I'm totally meaningless. The steelers are down by two scores. Twenty seconds left deonte johnson catches a pass injured his knee. No one knows the severity of that injury yet. But it's still an issue. He goes over one hundred yards of that catch but boy. Is that a costly injury. If he has to miss any time but deonte johnson played well the miscommunication with ben roethlisberger is still a question but in terms of production he produced deonte. Johnson deserves to be on the winners list. Next winter in. This is a guy that was on my losers listen. The preseason did not play in week one but played in a big way in week. Two robert spelane cymbeline last week. The shin injury leading up to the game and play this week with devon bush out spelane played a lot and he really looked like he was comfortable again. The reason why he looked comfortable is he didn't have to cover. Everyone says well. Roberts spelane can't cover. We know this anyone who watches football watches. The steelers is he's not his forte. his forte is running downhill tackling. That's what he does the best. And even though spelane. I thought got screwed on that roughing the passer call or unsportsmanlike con. Whatever they called it. When derek carr is scrambling and he doesn't slide spelane hits him in the shoulder with his shoulder. It looked it looked worse than it was. But my goodness they they flagged him for a bad foul stat. Line explained twelve tackles. Eight solo tackles and one tackle for loss. Either robert splaine did a good job. He deserves to be on the winners list for this game. Especially when probably up until friday. He thought he was just going to be a reserve player. He gets thrust into a bigger role and he plays well the last winter before we go over to the losers columnist melvin. Ingram his stat line. He had four tackles one solo. Tackle one sack in one. Tackle for loss nova ingram was called just like alex. Highsmith was he was called on moore. Duty based on tj wads injury and. You could definitely see the both of those players kind of kind of winded at times. They weren't used to it with tj water in there. They have a three-person rotation they are fresh they're all able to rotate around without t. J. watt melvin ingram. Now highsmith and jamir jones were called on to doing more and more in that became. They became an issue but nonetheless. Melvin ingram gives his first sack. As a member of the steelers i thought he was disruptive At the same time. I think we were all hoping a little bit more production from both ingram and highsmith art. Let's go to the losers list. This is a long one. I'm going to start off with trae. Turner now we've learned a lot. Since the end of the game about the situation that happened. After the steelers scored harris had his first touchdown receiving touchdown trey turner was objected in. This was for what he spit on an opponent. Mike tomlin was absolutely irate. After this and i didn't understand at the time. And i want to apologize. I'm what am i apologizing for. I don't really want to apologize. I wanna make sure everyone understands. It's people that follow me on twitter. they were kind of giving me a hard time. When i had not seen the video of trae turner spitting. I had not seen the reports. Either and i tweeted mike. Tomlin has every right to be mad because they were two penalties at the same time offsetting penalties. One player gets dejected. And the other doesn't i didn't know the trade turn spit on someone come to find out. At least. According to the steelers that trade term was he is spit on first and then he retaliated. Well you know what. I'm a father. I'm also a schoolteacher and you we always say the person that retaliates is the one that always gets caught. That doesn't make what they did right. That's just the way it works. A lot of times trade turner's veteran. Mike tomlin said that in his post game press conference very even keel. He's not a young guy not a hothead so when he was that irate mike tomlin knew something was up while at the same time. If you're a veteran you have to understand that even if someone spits on you and i understand that that is the lowest of the low. You can't retaliate. You can't put your team in that situation. A reminds me of the search of the time. I believe it was markey's pounds. He's rookie season to two thousand and ten and there was a play in markey's pounds. He was getting kind of getting into a scuffle. After the play and mike maitama employ them to the side. And he's yelling at him. You can't do that you can't do that..

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