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To put aside our misplaced optimism in fear into investigate. What's actually happening now? So I to take this what you just said with two parts the first university pipeline or preface by saying if Google wants to have scholarships at different colleges, I one hundred percent support that but I don't the programs. I've seen as I've traveled the United States have talked different CS departments. I don't think our pipeline is strong enough for for training. The kind of people that we we need for this in something. I would love to see us do is when it comes to AI cybersecurity all of these really all of these fields are going to define the next fifty years of the United States. I've long felt we need like scholarship. So I think if you want to go to school for that. I think the federal government should pick up the tab for that. If you're willing to serve in some respect. Maybe that's auditing. The local school board and library. Maybe it's going through some of these data sets looking for bias trying to make our data more useful. Like do. You have thoughts about that. How does how do we get from where we are today where we're we're having to bring people in from all over the world, which I have no issue with but to kind of training the next generation to to have these skills and be working with these tools. I will agree to everything that you just said and raise you, which is, you know, so so yeah. So so part of the problem is that a lot of these programs are fairly homogeneous. And if you are a person who is outside of those tribes who tries to enroll in a program with a bunch of people that don't look anything like you. You're going to have a hard time. You know? And and even if everybody is very welcoming and very accommodating, it is difficult to be the sole person. Who is the other end we've seen that time and time again, so the pipeline we hear people complain all the time that there's a pipeline problem in universities. I would say that it is self perpetuating universities can redouble their efforts to make sure that there's, you know, a diverse group of people who are tenure track. And so so that the teachers professors, the researchers are significantly more diverse. You are absolutely right about scholarships. So the, you know, the G mafia can certainly fund scholarships which is only in their best interests because they're going to need those that workforce. You know? And again that also helps their inclusiveness and diversity issues. But I would also say that the federal government should think seriously about. How to overhaul or at least had approach our education system a little differently? The challenge with a lot of these CS degrees is that once you graduate. You have to commit to lifelong learning, and and that can be very expensive. It can be cost prohibitive for a lot of people. So if we make these degrees part of the degree system include a mandatory, you know, want to one two three credit enrichment class a year, you know, that that will help our workforce in the future that that serves everybody and the government can either funded or subsidized at subsidize it. Which I'm sure will be met with a lot of groans, you know, from congress, but not funding. Our education is short shrift in our future. I mean, it's it's insane. It is absolutely crazy. I couldn't agree more. And you know, I I'm self taught engineer I grew up in Mississippi in one thousand nine hundred four one started trying to learn computer science, formerly at my high school. I was the only resources we had was a copy of turbo PASCAL from nineteen eighty three. This was as we are moving to object oriented programming, and I have to say if I had not come from a family with a certain amount of privilege. I never would have been able to to learn the skills of based my career on. So I think it's I think we've got to problems here. I think engineering is best when people can come into the field and get started..

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