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He got game starring reality. Just denzel. Right by John, man. What was the review on it? They see if they mentioned me in it. Let's see the reviews just looking at Google though. I'm reading fast-break review. Does it say anything about the green is a New York basketball this who wants to coach the plot synopsis? Plot. Synopsis on am. You're not even in the cast. No, no. I didn't have any speaking. Yeah. So you're not there's a snooty girl even in the cast. You probably a line. Does it say, Mike Evans, Mike headlines? It does not really the shooting guard, Mike Evans or Mike, Mike Evans. Our Hollywood FOX morning show down was in the movie. Vast have cast listed alphabetically. Mike Kevin now, but Laurence Fishburne has named in it. Now, Mike, I'm really good basketball players. Reggie Theus was in there. He didn't have any lines. Either Bernard king, of course, who's a legend Warren in their data. King is in their Reggie Theus dated Juanita Jordan before she was Juanita Jordan. And I think MJ may have stolen her from him knocked her up and now three kids one hundred sixty seven million dollars later. Really? Yeah. She's married or not married. They were married till they got divorced. MD reportedly had to pay hundred sixty seven. Let's go Stephen. Hello. Steven you're on KOA I-. We're talking basketball now talking everything thanks for looking that up, Kathy. And brandon. Goodness fast-break holds up. Well, that movie was about Rams quarterback died, and then they took him out too early took him out of the body in any came back as a rich guy. Leo farnsworth. Yeah. Yeah. Ninety to put him into and. Backup quarterback got hurt. And they put him in his body at the end. Okay. I vaguely remember it. I I watched the movie back then. And I thought it was pretty good damn good. You could say that. That's all right. Thanks, david. Thanks for calling. What what about Wildcats Wildcats is high on my list is that a basketball move now? Goldie Hawn coach he's a coach Wesley Snipes. Woody harrelson. I didn't see that one. Great. Okay. Nipsy? Russell plays our principal. Nipsy? Russell trying to sell peanut brittle by the way. Whether so bad in Scottsdale, rocky, spring training had to move indoors. Wow. That's how bad it is there right now. Well. Yeah..

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