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Cuddly yeah that one is also like so that one's a little more lecture yeah yeah so i use this mario badescu when it smells like roses and it's just like it also gives you a temporary glow if like you'd need glow really quickly that's too big actually bring on the yeah no yes i usually bring the the one that is a solid yeah i've had this longtime someone just honked and excitement someone driving by this was something i'm going to just touch this blackbox when marine unloaded everything she said you're going to like these and then it turned out do you want to tell us what's their magnetic eyelash extensions so you had a guest on recently dory's friend anja makeup guru yes and she was talking about her lashes and and china everyone gets lash extensions and they're super able and the thing about like being an asian country getting those things done i feel i trust them because i'm like you know asian is if i had like i don't have any eyelashes so i can't get like extreme eyelash extensions they would look crazy on me so i got them done there and it was like best thing ever so do this cat i every day it's like my normal makeup and it's so dramatic but like when you have the fake eyelashes it's like it's what the cat i is trying to do like us opens up your eyes and extends them so but the problem was every time they fell out they just took out my eyelashes and my are so precious to me because i have five on each.

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