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I think it's really good and I mean it's no shade but like it seems more vocally accessible for like a dental way to you. Put that because like you know it's still Mariah but like I'm like oh I can sing Mariah. I got a lot has been made of you kind of breaking stereotypes Indie rock space. Is that something you think about that kind of a path you intend to be on or are you just kind of here creating with the tools you have. I mean I would be lying if I said I didn't think or notice about how I was often the only black women in these spaces or one of of two I touch on my record vagabond that's coming out just like being really freaked out by gatekeeper culture and and realizing that a lot of the Indie rock world is that way and especially for people who look like me for black girls black men black people and it's really important for me that with every little tiny bit of power that I threw people thinking music is good. It's like it's in it's in in an attempt to keep the door open for the rest of us to come behind me because for me it has to have a purpose that feels bigger than me in order for me to justify during harvest of that feels a little mass batory right yeah I mean we obviously lost Tony Morrison recently in talking about Tony Morrison the thing that so stood out to me was her relentless commitment to making sure she wasn't pulling the latter up behind her so to speak kind of erasing these ideas of scarcity and making room room for other people so it's really great to hear you say that and I think that's a a major part of the work beyond whatever it is we create also holding the door open open for other folks to create and showing them the pass to do it absolutely yeah. That's the only way we're GONNA. We're GONNA make it so you have a new album is a your self titled Title Album.

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