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This was a guy who was still active so active in the fashion industry and at the age of eighty two they say he had a heart attack or I p rest power. Have I follow that? There's not happy. Wait. If all that. You don't you? Don't you just say next topic? Next topic. We're gonna talk about Vicky hush hush. We're talking about Victoria's Secret is the season. Listen, I did everything to not talk about this fashion show. And dammit, I still have to talk about this fashion show a bunch of things happened. Even prior to this show. Katy Perry couldn't go because you've got banned by China. Oh, drama GD Hadid could go banned by China. These people couldn't get in for various reasons gee-gee Hadid because you is a dumb Dhamma made some racist facial expressions and Katy Perry because she wore a dress that the Chinese government did not like it had sunflowers on it. She was Taiwan at the time sunflowers were seen as a sign of the resistance. Oh, jeez. Whoops. Listen to this. This is crazy. China has problems with Taiwan and the sunflower has become the symbol for an anti China movement. It's called the sunflower movement. She was draped in a Taiwanese flag when she was at the concert. Also, so everybody thought anti-china protests. So that's why she wasn't leading. Holy moly. The show went on a model fell during it. Yes. That's my fever this model fell. But honestly, it wasn't a huge deal. Everybody rallied around her the audience wild. She got backup kept walking. These are. Okay. I didn't wanna talk about this. But here we are. Here's the reason why I want to talk about this show because because you're going to explain to me why Victoria's Secret how show in China because why do they have it in China is it because of Alibaba singles day? No. But Alibaba does come into this in some way. And I'll tell you why later on just put a pin in that. Vicky hush is trying to expand to China laundry. Sales have been pretty stable over the past number of years, but they're not growing China is an untapped market. Victoria secret wants to move into that market. But. The big problem is Victoria's secrets cornerstone as sex appeal, and in China what they consider sexy is very very different than the American idea. So pushing into this new market is causing some problems, WW deem did an interview with this woman named Diane zoo. She is the founder of an app, call the oa-to bra. She has also tried to expand into China ran into some problems her mom was Allonge designer. And so she had this background. She created this app. The has to do with lingerie she said the following quote to the majority of Chinese girls, especially in second or third tier cities when they hear the word sexy. They get a bad. Meaning like, you are dressing to attract men and to be promiscuous Chinese girls. Don't aspire to be sexy. She goes on to say Chinese people view lingerie as a really boring commodity. They once a year by two or three bras their moms. Keep telling them a bra is something. You can wear for a long time. If it gets loose. You can just use the tighter hooks. This is why Chinese brands have six or eight lines of hooks in their bras show, people keep moving the hooks as the bras get stretched and loose..

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