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She won the tickets to see frozen September twenty seven she's going to join me and Mark Simone for dinner at Johns of Times Square before going over to the Saint James to see frozen, the Broadway musical we have an update on the big election. You have twenty more minutes to vote on talking about the primaries. I'm talking about the vote on Michael shirt that he wore yesterday. He wore the Scott, ugly shirt stylish, beautiful French shirt, folks. And it was all these wine corks, and we and and Natalie thought it looked like cigarette butts. She also thought I looked like a pimp. Well, that's what we we have. Twenty five more minutes the vote. The polls are still open. Unlike the primary, go to our website, seven ten W, R dot com slash Lennon. Michael last chance to vote. Now, we ask you only have two choices right pimp or stylish and it started out one hundred percent pimp. It did you notice? Now, I've closed the gap. Fifty one percent Pam forty nine stylish. So if you think the shirt, a stylish is your chance to push real over the top. Now, look at my folks out. Let me read a couple of tweets people have been tweeting all day and night, atlan. Michael w our our own Alice Stockton Roseanne e tweeted, she wrote it looks like protons from science class and Jack tweeted Michael from one conservative to another please get help. I do like the president tweeted that I I look like one of the characters from casual fallen kinda true, actually. All right. Hey, a big night for the Mets. They beat Miami. In the double header first game four to three second game five to two wait till you knowledge sports off the off the air. But we have a rule the studio if it happens in the studio it goes on the air rate. So realtors commercial and said who the Mets beat Miami? I told him and he said well who they beat the second game. And I played them that normally they don't ship another team in a city field for the second game of the doubleheader. Normally the double header is the same team for both games. I say when you go to a Broadway play is the second act a different show across the street. Continue the same show just wanted to make sure that I had this buttoned up before I started. The sports segment would have the bottom of the ninth inning. The Mets are trailing by Iran and they're down to their final out. No one on base. And then Michael Conforto steps to the plate. But what hit.

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