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Hello and welcome to coffee. House shots spectators. Daily politics focused on K.. Tables and this is a Sunday roundup. The former Speaker Speaker John Burqa is at the center of attention once again this afternoon. He appeared in Radio News Broadcasting House where host Paddy O'CONNELL asked if there was a conspiracy to stop him obtaining a seat in the house fluids after the government refused to nominate him for a peerage. Do you think there's a conspiracy to stop Berko going to to the other place too. So yes there's no doubt about that. That's absolutely blindingly obvious. is appointing fatty so obvious that they knew an extraordinarily clever and sophisticated. person could fail to grasp. So it's over for the Lord's for you. I didn't say that you ask me whether there was a concerted campaign whether there was a conspiracy whether it was an organized effort and I said it is blindingly obvious that eighty so as to what the outcome will be. Well we will have to see. There's no entitlement to go to the upper house every speaker couple of hundred years has been invited to do so the there's no entitlement. We'll have to see what happens. The Labor deputy dealership candidate doomed Butler defended burgers right to receive a peerage to save enrich. The row comes amid amid allegations. That burke abilities stuff something that Berko denies now. He's been accused of bullying staff members including by the form. Black Broad David Leakey who said he brutalized people. Who worked for him important to say? 'cause Tom Becka denies these allegations. Now there are reports that Jeremy Corbyn is nominating him for peerage Orig- do you think John Beco- should be given a payment. I think it is the norm that the speaker of the house is always given a peerage. I think the first first question for me is why. Hasn't he been given period. These allegations from the Conservatives will they haven't said that's the reason why they haven't given him a peerage and I would. I'd like to know why is the reason why he wasn't given periods. I suspect is actually to do with brexit rather than anything else the other thing is due process has to happen open so if you use somebody at bullying there needs to be due process. I'm a trade union activists. I am very I'm very forceful in terms of making sure that due process is followed so if John Burke has been accused of bullying then there needs to be processed and has been found guilty or was it just an accusation. And I think those are the things that we I have to go through but really do need to conservative. Why is it that you have? You haven't like everybody else's show that the speaker of the house is given a peerage. Okay otherwise I think that's a form of pudding too. However the Housing Secretary Robert Jan was far less? Flattering about his parliamentary colleague. I haven't seen the the list at the prime minister or indeed any be putting forward for peerages but personally I wouldn't offer John Berko a period. I think you've seen some very serious allegations of bullying and harassment from senior credible people including a left tenant general. Who worked with him? These are important. Turn things that need to be investigated before any decision like that's taken and in my own experience. Parliament is a better place without John Berko and long way that continue okay better place without John Burke important of course say that John Buck denies these allegations that investigation has of course been completed. And but what do you make a dawn butler. Specific comments saying that if a concept party is effectively bullying John Berkeley by not offering herridge on the grounds of Frank said. I don't agree with that. It's the prime minister chooses individuals who could sit in the House of Lords as Conservative peers. There's no obligation Gatien on the prime minister to make John Berko a member of the House of Lords. John Berko never believed in convention himself when he was speaker. He explicitly said that he didn't think conventions needed to be abided by. He said that if you do that nothing ever changes. So there's no obligation on the Prime Minister Convention. That speakers are elevates the house floors. We'll John Burqa. It was the first person to break conventions. I think what's important here is that there should be a high bar on anybody who ends up in the House of laws indeed in the House of Commons and the allegations against John Berko need now to be investigated and of course lots of his conduct is there for all the world to see because it was done. Sitting in the speaker's chair In the House of Commons Law Sunday. Sudesh Amman a former prisoner. who had been released Hoffy? His sentence carried a knife attack. unstretched him high-street and you are awesome. Awesome Justice Secretary wrote Buckland about proposed change in the law which toughened up early release flows convicted of terror related offenses. How quickly do you need? The the Laura B. Changed. When is the deadline? Well it would be tempting to talk about individual cases but I'll put it simply. We need the change in the law to happen this month. I want to make sure that we can get the bill that he's going to be introduced into the Commons next week through both houses so that we can get it onto the statute book later this month. Coming out this month next month yes we list and therefore I want to make sure that we can move as quickly accuse puzzled about fifty people that you're worried about. It's about fifty people who are subject to the automatic release provision. Yes the former House secretary. Jeremy Hunt his just being elected a new chairman of the House. That committee told rich a change. He wants to see. NHS But we have about four babies dying every single week across the H. S. and this is by the way not something that's unique to the NHL. This is something that's the case in healthcare systems across the world and and these are awful awful tragedies anyone can think of something that would be more traumatic. I've got three young children myself and is literally the worst thing that anyone can go through to see their own child di- but the truth is that what we've never properly cracked is how we learn from those mistakes. It's how we make sure that when those terrible things go wrong. What tends to happen at the moment? His people are worried about lawyers. They're worried about getting sacked. They're worried about the reputation of their hospital and they unit and these incredibly ethical doctors and nurses who want to do nothing more than be completely open. I'm transparent about what's happened. And if they made a mistake say so and make sure the lessons learned find. The system makes it absolutely impossible for them to do that. It can be done then we need to well. We need to change the culture. So that the moment in most professions your profession my profession fashion. Our bosses understand that. Sometimes we make mistakes and you make a very serious mistake. Will you might lose your job. If you a reckless Completely idiotic then of course you lose your job but if it was just the kind of ordinary human mistake that that we all make then you understand that something happens. This was all and we learn from it in mets and we don't really have that clear division because when someone dies it such a big deal and so sometimes even the ordinary human mistakes get elevated into something where someone has to lose their job and if that happens then of course people aren't going to be open about the mistakes and Metson it's an Israeli the only profession where the price of something going badly wrong is is often sadly you have these tragedies and that's what we have to change one of Labour's deputy leadership the ship candidates Richard. Bergen has cooled for Labor to change. It's constitution so that party members will be given a say over whether you can conduct military action overseas. He's his opponent Ziauddin. Khan told me that she thought this was a bad idea. We made some unforgivable mistakes. And I personally marched against going into war in Iraq but having been on the front lines still being a humanitarian aid. Doctor there are people whose lives depend on split-second decisions taken can as a result of access to highly intelligent information that is not public dissemination. It is not appropriate for people to have to wait for that to be a member's ballot and and finally the Chinese Ambassador to the Cages Fantozzi the company which will soon play a key part in the transition to five G. Hallway is a private company company. Nothing to do with the Chinese government The the only problem we have is the are a Chinese company and That's the problem You you know. China is a more open as we get back to original argument. Since the reform opening up China has run a market market oriented economy. One third of China's economy is a private owned the other thirty four in and John Onto Muncher so he's independent company and they are the leader in the in this area and I think the reason. Why the PRI? The Prime Minister decided decided to keep wabe is he has a very ambitious plan for your K- in the he want to have a five cover. UK By twenty twenty five employees can do but but the price he paid for. That was the incandescent anger of Donald Trump. How do you respond when you heard that? Donald Trump had absolutely blasted Boris Johnson. Will you please the team to your side of the fence. I will leave. Prime Minister to Deal with President Trump I think I always say you'll cake. Britain can only be great one. Eight has its own independent foreign policy. So I do hope that prime minister was stay with his decision because I think is in the interest of UK is in also in the interest of corporation important thing is is interest to maintaining the.

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