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Baffert says he's been informed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission that his Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit. Returned a positive drug test after the race. I got the biggest gut punch. In racing for something that I didn't do and this really it's disturbing. It's an injustice to the horse. Baffert says he was told the horse tested positive for the steroid Beta metha sewn but denies the horse was treated with the medication. So far, Medina Spirit has not been disqualified from winning the Derby, a top U. S fuel pipeline operator continues to work to recover from a ransomware cyber attack. Which forced it to shut down one of the largest pipelines in the country, Reuters reports. The closure sparks concern over a possible spike in gasoline prices. Colonial pipeline carries nearly half the East Coast fuel supplies. The company says it shut down more than 5000 miles of pipeline after an attack on its computer systems. Colonial says it is working to restore service but gives no timeline for resolving the shutdown. Millions of Americans are still waiting for their tax refunds as an I. R s backlog keeps growing. The taxpayer advocate service says the agency has 31 million returns waiting for manual processing. As the tax deadline of May 17th approaches. Some of those back long to returns are from 2019. And haven't been processed yet because of the covert pandemic. Several people remain hospitalized after a balcony collapse in California, the balcony of a rented residents in Malibu fell onto a beach. Two people were taken to hospitals with critical injuries. Four were hospitalized with less serious injuries. The owner of the House says she rented the property to be used this weekend by only six people. I'm Cameron Fairchild. India calls on former Army medics to support its overwhelmed healthcare system as the country grapples with record covert 19.

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