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There's so many unknowns and it really makes it intriguing to watch. Yeah, I mean, when Baker Mayfield was drafted first overall, I mean, the word was coming out a few hours before that it was going to be him, but I still needed to hear the words come out of Roger Goodell's mouth to actually believe it. What are the odds? And that's rare that I'm able to ask those questions about anything in Las Vegas. What are the odds that we really won't know? That Roger Goodell will truly be the Paul Revere telling us who's coming to Jacksonville. What do you think? It's a great question. Last year, I was on record saying everywhere that I think it's Trey lancer Mac Jones, Trey lancer, Mac Jones, three of the niners, and at the last second, I said, it's going to be Matt Jones. It's going to be Mac Jones and I had worked with John lynch as a sideline reporter for Fox crew. I've known Kyle Shanahan for years. And to this day, I'm like, gosh, I was even shocked and I know those guys inside and out and they went with Trey Lance. I think that there's a chance that these guys and Jacksonville can keep it secret all the way up until the draft. Now, whether it was John Dorsey or was Elliott woolf or whoever it was of the head coach at the time in Cleveland who let it out of the bag hours before, but we knew baker about 2 o'clock on a draft that was starting at 6 o'clock. This one, I don't think we're going to know. I really don't, because it has been so kept under secret lock and key at this point that I think it might feel like that San Francisco pick, which I watched back earlier this week or yesterday, I watched it back and your reaction rich it was everyone else's. Wow, they actually did it. They took Trey Lance over Matt Jones. That's what we want to hear. We want to hear suspense. We want to hear you to be so surprised when that pick is in, that no one took this trick and it is a pure reality show and even the player that surprised what his name is called. Peter schrager, good morning football, NFL network here on the rich eisen show. So you just mentioned your history of working with John lynch prior to being in the general manager spot and no one Carl Shannon for as long as you do. What is your best guess as to what is the irreconcilable difference in deebo Samuel's mind to want out of San Francisco? I don't know. I've heard so many things. It was originally that he didn't want to be used the way he's used. Well, that's okay, fine. We'll put that in. Then I heard it was that he wanted to be closer to home, which is an odd thing for a young man. Okay, fine. And now the most recent thing is that, well, look, you just need to start a new and let's just, I don't think I don't think San Francisco was going to trade him. And if he had traded, I think it would be in the next couple of days. I don't think it'll be draft day. But just knowing how valuable he is to Kyle and knowing how much they love him there in San Francisco. I don't think they want to hold him hostage in any way, but I just can't imagine they can't come over there. They're differences and make this thing work. Ian rapports said earlier this month that they do want to pay them. They do. I know they do. And I think that they will pay him. And I do believe they're trying desperately to figure this thing out because he is such a special player to them. And he might be more valuable to them than any other team in the NFL. Well, I mean, you know, the idea that he didn't want to be or doesn't want to be in San Francisco because it's not Carolina, right? Where he's from, we saw a video of him working out here in Los Angeles. So this is his spare time if he wants to be on the east coast so badly. Why is he training in Los Angeles? There was a story on Instagram story yesterday of him at nobu and Malibu. Well, I'm sure there's some fine places to eat in the Carolinas too. But you're out here, you're in Malibu. So that one's interesting and the other part is like, you know, I don't want to be and I'm not knocking the guy. He's unlockable. There's nothing to know. There's nothing. I don't want to be used that way. And that's looking confident directly, but that's what we're hearing. I watched some interviews back at the Super Bowl. He was on with Maya coco in Comcast. He said, I want to have a thousand yards rushing in receiving. So is that the case? You might want to play running back too. I don't know. So I think that there's a lot of things coming out of devos camps and a lot of the women are from him directly and I don't know, rich it's a different time in a player players want to be where they want to be. And if he was to actually be traded from San Francisco, I would be shocked, but I can't be surprised by anything at this point. Devonta Adams left Green Bay, which seemed like a pretty good situation to me as well..

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