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I was gonna take sunday off but here i am doing it on sunday just because i had to do my taxes yesterday what an annoying pain in the bottom saint patrick's day has had to do my taxes but what we're going to do this year is just really open it up so also of course is going to come out about how to go from somebody who's not in sales maybe you're in retail maybe you're doing whatever you know your college you're outta high school you're making minimum wage you see no way i'm gonna show you how entry level these roles that they call sales development reps business development reps the base salary is forty to fifty thousand dollars a year that's the base then you get commission on top of it which would almost double that to seventy eighty thousand dollars a year and i can show you how to you know have the skills to get an inter view how to get the job how to be successful and i'm going to do the same thing it's going to be a year long the content itself doesn't take a year but the transition takes a year that that going from you know working as a barista to working in an office setting up meetings for somebody is a big adjustment and you need somebody to help you through it somebody to look at what you do you're doing and give you some ideas about what will work better that's what it's going to be all about it's going to be a year long thing and i'm gonna do the same thing where it's going to be a monthly fee monthly costs which was barely anything and just going to be office hours going to answer all your questions you couldn't help you go through that transition if you wanna go from beat ac selling retail whatever it is working at the mall working at starbucks babysitting whatever it is you're doing being an admin.

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