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He's going to need that because I think he's in for an up and down seasons, making some adjustments to his game. I didn't think he threw the ball well at all in week one to go out there and play hurt in an urn. Some unique kind of respect from your team. You're going to be a defensive minded team this year. That's a big deal. Net defense, Gary for Tennessee's playing very well. Kevin buyer as having a great season at safety and their corners are doing what you thought they do. And the other bit interesting to watch this is the dean pees affect their new d. cordinator is working remind variable. They're playing a lot of cover too, and they're getting to cover two in really unique ways or not just keeping safeties over the top Cornerbacks underneath. They've got guys in different spots. Safety might be a linebacker cornerback might be over the top, whatever it is they're doing some really unique cover. For two configurations there. Denver at Baltimore, the ravens beat the Broncos Broncos I'm telling you this is deja-vu for the Broncos they last year. They look good in their first two at home, and then they go east get beat by the bills this year. It's they when their I do than to go east, get beat by the raven. So I, I don't know. I got a lot of. I got a lot of concerns about this Broncos team. That's a good. That's a good memory that you have there. Yeah, Joe flacco twenty five out of forty two hundred seventy seven yards and a touchdown at a forty, four yard completion. So maybe our Lamar Jackson thing we need to pump always certainly need to pump the brakes Laco in that offense. It's a better looking offense this year than it was last year. It was like there's a little bit of identity for the ravens. Yeah. Flacco is going to be the starter for the rest of the year. I think that's that's not really doubt I think. Well, I mean, look if they collapse and they're sitting at like five in nine at some point, maybe a year run Lamar out there for the last two games. But I think FICO team for the for the rest of the season. I see they've got a defense good enough to keep a minute, so you're probably right, but I am telling these rookie QB's find their way into the lineup. That's how the NFL setup now. And I was gonna say, no, no, CJ Moseley in this one for the reason. So nice win with the short handed team. Panthers, knock off the Bengals. The Bengals have lost a game. Norv Turner. All offseason people would ask them like what's Christian McCaffrey is workload gonna be and he'd say something ridiculous like twenty five to thirty touches a game. And today Christian McCaffrey got thirty touches. He had he had a career day certainly on the ground twenty eight carries for one hundred eighty four yards. Even though Cam got the two touchdown runs, but this was I guess, look, they they ran for two hundred thirty yards. This was how the Panthers want to win games. We we wondered all year. What what will they look like under north Turner? And what we said is they have to have a running game that looks like what had has the last few years. They got to continue up Mike Shula their old offense according to the previous five years, what he was doing and continue to have an expansive multi-dimensional ground game with a lot of moving pieces and Cam Newton at the center of it. And part of the reason we said that and that's not just because if it's Newton really well, it's because that kind of running game fits McCaffrey well as well. He's. Yes, very shifty. In confined areas. You can set up his block. He's got vision. He's that kind of runner. And we saw that this is a very sometimes it's not just that you win. It's the way you win. This is a very encouraging the way you win kind of game for Carolina. Dolphins dolphins are three. You know, they come back in this one..

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