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Yeah, no, but very cool. Very inspiring. And lots of good stuff. Yeah. Awesome. Well, good morning, everyone taking a live look outside. We've got some low clouds and fog in many areas of l a this morning. We're also looking for excessive heat to make an impact in our forecast a little bit later this week. Temperatures now in the sixties from L. A X to Riverside. Even Chino Palm Springs 85 degrees to start off the day and the regional satellite radar. We're going to see the impact of a ridge of high pressure gaining strength later this week. That's really going to keep the heat on. San Francisco, though, is always a cool spot. 65 degrees expected to be the high 100 Bakersfield 77 in San Diego for today. Your seven day forecast across the L A area we'll see high today. 80 degrees morning clouds. Breezy conditions. Temperatures coming up to about 85 degrees on Friday, then cooling down just slightly for this weekend actually fairly pleasant temperatures across the L. A area but in the inland empire in areas like the high desert, you can see triple digits are going to be a big part of our forecast. San Fernando Valley seven day forecast 91 degrees Sunny and breezy 99 on Friday look for temperatures just below triple digits this weekend. Orange County inland areas 83 degrees. Partly cloudy skies. 88 by Saturday and temperatures kind of stabilizing a little bit Sunday and then into Monday. It is now 4 51, and we learned that Ginger How does the nickname the detour diva? Let's see what she's up to. We all have them. Jennifer Goals.

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