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Looming. This is Fox News. News time nine oh, two. Good morning. I'm Robert Wood topping Austin's news public education remains one of the biggest issues. State. Lawmakers are tackling this session. According to new results of a poll by education nonprofit, raise your hand, Texas, most people in Texas agreed that the system needs an overhaul here. Pay pre K know are we spending enough on public education overall, and the numbers were really strong, and they reflected what people said in November that they want us to be a session about public education. But nonprofits director Dr Michelle Smith says the majority of people believe increasing teacher pay is the most important step at about twelve billion dollars Texas are sitting pretty with its highest in the nation rainy day fund now some central Texas, lawmakers make it should be used to help fund the state's public schools Republican John Syria Lockhart is one of them. I would hope that we would look at public education is one of those needs that we could invest some of these billions that we've got set. Aside in to getting a better return on those investments in using that return for public education. Two teams were critically injured after being shot. The incident happened Saturday afternoon in southeast Austin. Both teams were taken to Dell Seton medical center with what EMS were life threatening wounds. Police believe they have the suspects in custody. But they're also looking for a gray dodge Durango, but witnesses saw leaving the scene.

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