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The mainstream media on the television side at least yesterday a federal judge sided with the trump administration on wednesday in a ruling against eighteen states that sought to compel the federal government to pay subsidies to health insurance companies for the benefit of millions of low income people it appears initially that the trump administration has a stronger legal argument says judge vents chabra of the federal district court in san fran he refused to issue a preliminary injunction requested by the states leaving the dispute to be resolved in a trial in his courtroom over the next few months the states led by the attorney general of california heavier macara big open borders sanctuary city guy contend that the payments are needed to prevent chaos and confusion and insurance markets during the annual open enrollment period but the judge said at a hearing on monday that california and other states had found a very clever way to protect their residents against immediate harm from termination of the subsidies by president trump and as a result he said wednesday many lowincome people will be better off or unharmed 'nother win for trump let's good knows they tangled trapped they're going to invariably not going to be very successful their lousy legal argument here all right we'll take a break on the laura ingraham show eight five five forty laura the jfk files are going to be released today many of them a lot of speculation over the last fifty plus years and donald trump let's the files go public because they finally shed some light more light on the jfk's assassination we'll take a break don't go away this is what is indispensable or the values that they consecrated in philadelphia and in this place values which have endured and wu and dura for so long as men and women wish to remain free some i saw the television i said i assume he's the democrats the laura ingraham show kids ooh do you dread going to the mailbox this time of year well if your timeshare owner i know you do another year another maintenance fee bill that increased or maybe received an additional specialists says spent this year to take throwing thousands of dollars down the.

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