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They mistook Barrie's original scripture. Infused it with a lot of literary allusions. He borrows such things as from the story of Adam and Eve and the biblical Book of Genesis. He also made the robot much more of a tragic figure more misunderstood kind of like a monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Now the attractive woman of the story she would be living with an older man and they would have a man that was a little bit more her age over to the house to the sign back up a robot for work and chores as with very Story the robot also develops this infatuation that the younger man has for that woman and that results in this kind of love quadrangle that threatens to turn perhaps deadly in 1978. Don't and worked on a movie called movie movie. That was for entertainment industry Mogul Lord. Lew grade his life. He films he gave Sir grade a copy of the Amos revised script which at that time had been bought by film producer Elliot Kastner as a potential project to shop around wage. Grade had never done science fiction as far as films go before he did do space 1999 for television, but Star Wars at that time. That was the hottest thing in Hollywood and considering this was within the same Star Wars namely science fiction and the origin of the story came from one of Star Wars production designers. He decided he should give this some serious consideration so long as he could make it in England. He thought this could be a dead go now while Lew grade was on an airplane back to London. He found that there was another famous person on the same flight Farrah Fawcett, of course the hot actress of the time appearing in Charlie's Angels trying to make her way into Hollywood films. She was actually headed to London for a ceremony where among other things she was going to meet Queen Elizabeth II Jay Bernstein who happened to be fair as publicist at the time new star grade and he made the introduction between feura and grade. Although grade did not own the property at least not yet. He still gave Farrah Fawcett the script to read on this flight home. Asked if she would be interested in taking the female role as she read the script. She confided in Bernstein that she felt that might not be the right fit. The role was pretty small. There were some good emotional parts to it, but it didn't seem like something that she would normally do now he agreed with her but at that time Ferris career was kind of in limbo she felt she was being blacklisted in Hollywood. There were rolls that were going to go her way. And then for whatever reason now this could be a fresh start in her film career at the very least and with a little work just might be something that would work in her favor. So she expressed High interest in doing the film if she could close the deal before the plane landed. She did not want the project to slip away at so many other big films had done in the past couple of years. She asked for $750,000 and to be able to have the approval of the leading man grade agree to the terms before the flight landed and he secured the rights with Caster who joined in on an executive producer role and he told Donan that he had faucets slotted for the female, correct. You're which he thought was a good idea when things were solidified faucet called her friend actor Cary Grant Grant had retired from acting but he encouraged her to work with donut. He had made four films with him..

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