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Trying to think who else is like i'm still high on bombo i know you're probably he's probably in that you're missing category i can see take he just i think he just shot like they were talking about he might go to that feels but i would i could see the pill bomb i would take bob he's not somebody i would be like what do you think the high is three to high basically over donohue think sue hi would you could you understand the team taking over because nayak feels like he's third highest at this point it three i prefer jaren jackson i just like him more as a prospect but anywhere after like a bomb goes four or five i don't like for the risk reward it yeah i mean i'm pretty it and i like the the grizzlies for some reason trying to package four to get out of chandler parsons deal which like they're not gonna they don't eat that like aren't gonna sign anyone that's what i what do you need that to get rid of four four two valuable to just be attack like i understand the nuggets trying to get rid of fourteen to don't even understand that more than this i think it's a because fourteen we it's one year for read you can't put up with you you've had him nine years and tried to try you can't put this is the year it's like no i don't need maybe kevin not absolutely need that money to keep like barton or something like that even him like with fourteen you can't find a barton type clearly i don't think so at this one hundred forty million dollars that kind of like every other draft pick they now they crushed murray fucked up moody maliki beasley on here oh it's like they suck up every other pick so they take last year no on they got rid of it for donovan mitchell liden they traded bag fucked us so there do maybe they should keep it that's what i'm saying they don't use falls the fourteen this he fucking might it's not looking good i've never seen a first overall like lock for the entire year which we made like we're on the other side i never expected this being on the right yeah like all year it was like this guy is gonna go i you can't not take this guy you're an idiot you should lose your team and your legs you take anyone but for now it's like maybe fifth and it's people talking about now i'm like on what does he done since he's only played games he won the tournament he played will dominated yesterday with nine shots maybe should've took more i guess trading for are they trying to trade back they're willing to trade out to get rid of everything i've seen is they're just looking to get rid of parsons money and attaching four to do so like if i'm the celtics i'm taking a look at that if i was anybody like i know chicago's got cap space atlanta's gus indiana's got some utah's got some phoenix i wouldn't i do that and just use one in four now back in the mix immediately because you can put eight and with literal you go for you could take magic trae young like i'm not saying that's the right by him in booker's your backward now and you all eight underneath jackson on the wing yeah now four the grizzly don't make good to give up bender to get four yeah like take on the contract yeah and sin them bender like we've both like somewhat like are you like a more than i do but i see the appeal yes that's still see the vision but as he's not eight so i he's not gonna bell up under eight and so right get something for them so if you could literally anyone you want it for like what matters dodgers falls fuck it with this right they'd take one take whatever big is left or eight nor yeah jaren jackson too that'd be terrifying yeah they won't they won't trade out of one to get like south get one and four taurean prince trade four for yeah that's how we make the contract match with a why i did see the clippers are trying to get like four and five oh yeah no they've been with twelve and thirteen the moves are but i don't like the mave looking to offload wesley matthews i mean they've been trying to trade out the whole time i don't know for what they've been gonna blow the they listen to the show and i still like dennis smith too but.

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