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To really have any sort of severe punishment i think it's the case in many particular situations where alcohol and or drugs play a big big part in you make horrible decisions in men think at times hey i i can pretty much do what i want to buy i don't think they think of the punishment after date rape is way more common than you know violent rape up here's the statistic for you the vast majority of perpetrators will not go to jail or prison out of a thousand rapes nine hundred ninety four perpetrators will walk free wow is that is that nine hundred ninety four they were charged arrested go to trial ten okay out of a thousand they're doing out of a thousand three hundred ten are reported to police okay fifty seven reports lead to arrest eleven cases get referred to prosecutors seven cases will lead to felony conviction and six rapists will be incarcerated so read those numbers again because so six hundred of the alleged one thousand rapes don't even get reported so the three hundred and something get reported and then of the three hundred and some odd will lead to arrest think about that so i mean that right there that would be the three hundred and then fifty seven three hundred and ten are reported to please so that's the odds are that's not even twenty percents good so eighty eighty percent of those to get reported do not see the perpetrator alleged perpetrator arrested so matt patricia was in the twenty percent and then what's what's the eleven cases get referred to prosecutors seven will lead to a felony conviction so eleven of the three hundred and again three hundred cases of rape alleged rape reported to authorities eleven get to an indictment stage and six will be incarcerated at of a thousand that's the that's such a small number that goes back to the point you made earlier in the show dave the fact that this went to a.

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