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Yard pick up yeah Dobbin said ninety two yards as that Michael Warren in their opening games but Dobbins was pulled for. the game because Ohio state was up by some quite a bunch he is from Texas five ten two hundred seventeen pounds they give it to him again finds a crease on the right side. guys first down as he makes it to the forty one yard line for a nine yard pick up a decent defense that time by Cincinnati in getting in there immediately honestly but that could make the tackle and I was one of the problems the Bearcats had against the Bruins was missing some tackles and Dobbins makes and pay that time second ever getting the first down the Buckeyes are lined up and ready to go they're going at a fast tempo on their opening drive of the game shotgun snap quick pass out to a wide receiver is hot hi hill he has a wide receiver out in front to block and he is very close to another Ohio state first down it looks like he has a ten yard gain to move the sticks before being chased out about yes wide receiver spring the inside guy goes to the sideline and throw it to a couple actors out the front of the picked up ten. Ohio state from the bear cat forty nine fields fires toward the nearest sideline it is part of the Cincinnati forty yard line. and then Victor is tackled after another Ohio state first down he is brought down at the pair get thirty three well what a house they did last week as they get their tight ends involved in crossing routes in that occupied the Florida Atlantic safeties and that's exactly what happened there the shake up in the coverage there by the Bearcats let the wide open wide out make it the thirty seven yard line for Ohio state.

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