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Okay sorry brains some down because there's some they wanna go go back to those that's awesome it sounds sounds awesome i good sounds like again you're of filling avoid that is absolutely there in in the industry i'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about in checking it out i will i will say the last thing on just to defend my millennials hey look like dow we've found like from the statistics the research that has been done millennials are actually the hardest working generation they tend to work way more hours they don't take sick days they they work through everything they work more they have multiple jobs there sometimes contract again it was really interesting looking a lot of this stuff up so just think about that again there's lazy folks in every generation there were stones back in the seventies there was no okay so what you said i mean that's one of the things that daniel comment in those guys look at is we have a tendency in our cultural cool culture what is focal we tend to believe as causal right on ever as it's such well any os millennials millennials oh it's their fault you know what i mean like newer so easily manipulated like if you're like hey guys eating string cheese do this all true teas during cheese string cheese opposite people like fucking on sorry that that's what got you know it's like we're it's like sometimes we act like rats in a cage it's like yusen deductive logic distance yourself from the stuff that you hear in china like challenger sumptious on things this is this is perfect because you brought it up and it was something that i wanted to ask you about but okay let's say if we do roberta teams heading in we're working with both males and females at the same time obviously you know that's something that should hit on in the workshop but it kinda just briefly like what what are some considerations we should have as coaches you know when we're kinda looking from buying with female athletes versus male athletes and trying to be objective here you know i don't want to treat this like they are two oh my gosh two completely different things you have to your everything up you know it's not that drastic but there are things up.

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