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So for the rest of everybody else out there, if you're not familiar with MAs nursery, again fifty five eleven Todd Ville road. Online, mas. Im- AA es MAs nursery dot com. Anybody over, but was we say, by the water, so Kemah Seabrook bay cliff Lepore league city Texas city. This is a great place to go. Visit so easy to get to over there. But you need to know the website, MAs im-, AA es MAs nursery dot com. And of course, fifty five eleven Todd Ville road in Seabrook. Speaking of that was just looking for this high business post, they have this, the came from them on Facebook, this mazing delicate, flower of Qalandia, Nina. It is basically a succulent that blooms, but I don't even look, here's the, the spilling C L A in the a Cullen Denia specter Bally's. It's a succulent the blooms. It's beautiful succulent the blooms. And of course, they've got him at MAs nursery. They have all the unusual plants over there to all the just cool stuff. All right. Here's that. Finally got to that post real quick. I didn't realize there was this many comments on it, but now may not be able find it in time before we have to get to the website, okay? To, to, to, to, to come on Mike, where's your advice? No, you gave some great advice on it. And I can't course I can't find it at all. Love that color, and I'm going to run out of time. That's not fair haired is late. Mike vodkas a good rule of thumb would be to add a tablespoon per gallon. If you get the powder, kind that can be worked around. So he doesn't mention I guess, three tablespoons if you're using the granulated kind. I just like I said, I dust it like I'm fertilizing it like I do with things like color star. We'll get back. I'll explain more about as probably later on today when we come back in detail. In the meantime, here comes Nikki with news, weather traffic.

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