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And the morning news center i'm dick haefner thank you for joining us the fog is in the outlying areas from detroit and you live in saint clair county lapierre up ron i sixty nine we call that the fog route up the area has frequent fog what the semi rural character of the area and with weather conditions being what they are kind of humid and warm weather moving in we've got fog and a fog advisory posted by the national weather service some pretty thick fog to in many parts of that region round detroit fifty three degrees and clear skies we're heading for near eighty wjr news time five oh five to rochester community schools that were closed after a water sample taken during a science experiments showed high mercury levels are open today the water was checked out and it's safe the researchers at arizona state had concerns about a water sampling sent by a science experiment rochester hills mayor bryan barnett says that people are relieved to know that the water was safe but he was saying that that's what he thought now we're we're we're very grateful for the results we we took does initial results very seriously we left into action drove our own samples certified samples down to a certified lab and wanted to make it and didn't make the utmost priority over the last thirty six hours and are very happy that the results are really certified clear there are still some school closings on our list because a building problems that information coming.

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