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American dream of course applause as reminded spec in his speech to the heritage foundation president club and if you're there heard these foundations grid place in a directly to the east as the capital grill while you're you're gonna find most republicans and democrats having the signature reuben sandwich at launch are trying to work girl were deals out and uh so as i watched their president tonight i was thinking about that he was you got an a lot of applause which i'm not a big fan of um some the audience broke into cheers when he promised his plan would appeal what he called uh repeal now go horrible emburey i'm for a study tax the dust tax that's you that's his common sense uh trump's tax plan would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent reduced the number of individual income tax brackets uh i think down to isn't it four events four and double were standard deduction but it would also remove the personal exemption impossibly much of the uh the doctrine for state local taxes uh changes there could increase taxes are for some families let's go to huntington beach talked with bill bill how are you doing hey ray carrio very well i remember used to be in san diego on i used to love to listen noon i've always like your delivery in the way you a you have all these great faxon stuff a new sorta cut through the you know ideology and it makes for good stimulating radio so i like that i think people need that in our thank you very much else.

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