CIA, President Trump, FBI discussed on Tom Sullivan


Have a little project eight three three eight five two four eight six six does this bother you they're holding on to these documents what they did release was fairly there i guess there was some interesting stuff in here sia best cia plot to kill castro plans to assassinate caster wander taken in the early days of the kennedy administration i guess you have to do that that's just due diligence right if you're at the cia you got a you're going to come up with scenarios one of them got to be assassination right that would be irresponsible if they didn't plan on that so the this is i thought was fantastic though fantastic information robert kennedy attorney general the president's brother right got mad at the fbi a he he told the fbi he was mad about the cia okay so there's a report he went to the fbi and he said when he learned that the cia had drawn up plans to approach samji and khanna a mobster a mafia guy but with a proposition of paying a hundred and fifty thousand to hire some mob gunman to kill castro he was angry but not because he didn't agree with the results the attorney general state of the cia should never undertake the use of mafia people again without first checking with the department of justice that is hilarious to me robert kennedy he ball them out he was like don't murderer anybody using mobsters without check in with me first guys you know why he thought he was going to interview with his prosecution this is the way people do things in government it shows you the turf war in government all bobby kennedy cared about was his dumb prosecution of mobsters and he was like don't do that it's going to a foul up my my mob investigation so this is larry sabato he was also i think the this is him talking about some of the things that interested him in the this release of documents it is going to take us weeks and months to get through all of it but i can tell you a couple of things that.

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