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Favorites obviously behind the likes of Liverpool Manchester City boss learned a PS G. and by Munich. Ten to one for only seven and it's very difficult to make a case as to why you are going to go all the way and make it. Is Tom Bowman win? That final in May for on this evidence shore but you know the Champions League is a completely different beast. You don't the team. That wins isn't the team that plays consistently good football route. It's about highly individuals raising your game on the day. Getting a good draw until you've meant to star in the mix But I do think there's a window of opportunity there at Uber. This is not a young team. You know Matisse the leaks notwithstanding and this is a team that invested heavily bringing Cristiano Renaldo and there's a window of opportunity that is closing or is going to start to close soon so we said this in the summer it was an odd time to embark on a one hundred eighty degree. Turn and go with Saturday. And that's been compounded by the fact that Saudis kind of stuck in this in this sort of limbo football wise so it's a tall order but I certainly wouldn't rule it out because there's enough individual quality for them on their day to go and go and be anybody out there. I know I don't really evidence when of Los. I'm you've blue zone. Strange talking about this talent renowned aside. This team is buying average. Well Taunton reach the Champions League final last year normally scholley take if we're talking properly. We're analyzing football in particular and looking at the standards of the size that we've seen so far this season you could say. Oh yeah but Tottenham made it to the final. Monica made this that and the other. But how appropriate Frank Discussion? There is nothing we have seen from your venter's this year to suggest that they can make any sort of run in this champion's league this season unless they get an incredible control but if the wrong way to look at it because the champions e because I showed us and has taught us over the past few years that it's a different type of competition if you have outstanding individuals you can win it round. Madrid one three Champions League titles on the Trot as you know and in two of those three years they finish way out of first place in La Liga. They weren't particularly cohesive team. They weren't a particularly good team but they came together when it mattered and they had outstanding individuals. Now are this you rent a talented. Is that Madrid side. No they're not by their still talented enough that if things break their way. They're in with a shout. I mean a less talented team without Christiano Renaldo reach two Champions League finals so I don't know it needs to come together but you're not gonNA come out and say oh. They're not good so they're not GonNa win because otherwise we might go. Just go as well go home. And just give it another champion's league title Liverpool because they're the best team in Europe. And what do you think the best team in Europe and I think that will take a very very good team to stop them winning it again this year. As for you vent this no. I don't think they'll win it but I take cabs point on board. The Champions League is a different animal. They've got a softish draw this time. I'm not saying it's going to be easy but I think they're going to go through and after that you are into the quarterfinal stage. So they've got some European experience and they've got some talented players and they've got a Cristiano Renaldo who still fit and firing and still a big big factor. So I wouldn't rule them out completely speaking out of being a big factor.

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