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The children of the mafia and breaking the vicious cycle of crime in southern italy the lashing grisly from each other be cool because click those born into these families ochoa us from that childhood years to live the life of mafiosi jolly spla may be interpreted incorrectly talking about children paul people who have near the bane children who at fourteen have been charged with murder attempted murder aggravated robbery extortion 'challengeled added the buffalo southern that the government has a responsibility to intervene in situations like these because these families are abusing their children they are mentally abusing them exposing them to great danger all feed with you organized crime is a huge global problem it hurts countries economies and communities and it has devastating effects on families the interim guetta is one of italy's largest mafia groups centered in the southern calabria region if your family's involved with his secretive and powerful albanisation it's almost impossible to escape being drawn into it for several generations children of undone get a families have been trained from an early age to continue this criminal business with no other options but a local judge together with a group of lawyers psychologists and others has begun to change the fate of some of these children in the past few two years molten thirty at risk miners have been removed from their unrun get a families by a juvenile court the children have been placed in families in other parts of italy to give them the chance to grow up safely but it's a dangerous program for those involved in it reporter young crystal kit sla met some of those trying to change the fate of these children his report is presented by susan cox this is a story in which the main characters cannot speak teenagers some of them still children who are adjusting to a new life under the protection of the state anonymously in secret locations their fathers brothers uncles are often in jail on the run all dead their mothers have sometimes had the courage to rebel and some have paid a high price for it this is a story of a new kind of battle against the mafia or more precisely the in that i can get in calabria southern italy anyone linked to it is involved in one of the most powerful organized crime networks in the.

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