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Rachel Scott is in west Palm Beach Florida as president had to clarify where he has stood on this first he said that he would not comply with Congress he stood by that decision and then after taking some heat and getting some more questions about this he has appeared to walk this back he says he would now will be any subpoena issued to him but insists that the focus should be on president trump's conduct not his and following a major winter storm barreling through the heartland at this hour delivering dangerous ice punishing wind and heavy snow you're listening to ABC news time seven oh two Aurora police say they've arrested a suspect in Friday's deadly shooting at the Aurora mall seventeen year old native Poindexter was killed in the JC Penney store his uncle tells fox thirty one the family's done is definitely trying to be a young man that was impacting other lives and you know and and be someone that his little brothers to look up to police say they've arrested eighteen year old Camille Garrett in connection with the shooting el Paso county deputies are investigating after they received a call saying six puppies were thrown out of a moving vehicle the vehicle believed to be a white Nissan pathfinder Morgan Gillingham witnessed the incident on her way to work and pulled over Morgan tells a problem solver she believes several people were in that pathfinder because the puppies were thrown out of the back of the vehicle several good Samaritan spent last night searching for the other four puppies we haven't heard if they found them just yet fox thirty ones Matt moral secretary of state Jenna griz wall joins businessman and democratic presidential candidate Tom's tire for a town hall today.

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