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When it breaks ninety five point five W. SB depend on it what began as a luxury cruise certainly did not in that way for hundreds of Americans aboard that ship the diamond princess we've heard so much about now those quarantine ship passengers had been evacuated now back to the U. S. to Boeing seven forty sevens chartered by the U. S. state department landed one in California one in Texas before sunrise hours later they both took off again bound for almost Honda Brzesko over essentially flying isolation wards with doctors monitoring their passenger patients fourteen of the more than three hundred Americans who'd been on the diamond princess had tested positive for covert nineteen the illness that's killed nearly two thousand people in Asia they were kept in separate quarantine areas within the aircraft officials say that even those fourteen who tested positive were not showing any symptoms of coronavirus Jim Ryan ABC news world top doctors and scientists learning more about the corona virus this weekend this new corona virus or covert nineteen is an emerging disease and it appears that the World Health Organization is now in agreement with what the CDC here in Atlanta is been saying about the virus it appears older people are at higher risk for serious illness and this new virus seems to be not as deadly as other coronaviruses like sars in myrtle USB health reporters many Cuban said the World Health Organization report so far more than eighty percent of patients have had mild disease symptoms and will recover these arrest three people in connection with the murder in Peachtree corners earlier this month three suspects identified by witnesses at the scene were arrested at their homes two weeks after the murder of twenty two Robley quartz he was found shot to death in his Peachtree corners apartment February first tests of murder was likely motivated by drug activity and robbery when that police corporal Colin Flynn tells me to the suspects are brothers Kobe and Cory my art of the loop and the third is nineteen oh Gabrielle moralis of Lawrenceville all face murder aggravated assault and home invasion charges center parish ninety five point five.

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