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The party got it hey i got a little update here scale some some exciting okay exciting all right this is from dave mcmanaman's straight out of the cavs practice facility the braun james was asked about snubbing russell westbrook picking him last god is on an james said i heard from russ i reached out to him afterwards like what's wrong with you man got a good relationship that's wrong match fantastic oh oh man he has a patriots i'll tell you what they are willing to the athletic yep james use the number one pick on kevin durant curry follow with yannis onto takubo then james selected anthony davis james wouldn't verify that order at the top of the japanese poke fun and how westbrook thought he was at the bottom of the draft quote i don't know james said the only thing i know for sure is that russ went last he's crazy oh oh that is like the best story comfortable lakers already the best story out of this entire in out of this entire allstar game is going to be the russell westbrook thought he was taken last cast horror kevin love who will also be united with irving as a member of james his team and also weaken had some fund with the mystery surrounding the draft order assuring wreck he had nothing to worry about quote where was i picked i dunno probably dead last love said an landing i in the pick of game where during the summer it's like okay he's a big guy that can shoot i guess they will take him i'm not going to do the between the lake dunks windmills but i'm going to beginning those rebounds out letting the ball i guess i add some value with that i know luck.

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