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We had the most awesome story coming out of the sports world over the weekend. And we're gonna put a dinner right putting up the video right now in the morning show blog. Eight fifty w. f. t. l. dot com. This fallen cat story caught by an american flag at the. Um game you. Could you get any better. I don't think so. Wow i've i sat there and i watched it because i i saw the video. I i didn't see it live. But i had heard about it and i said i gotta go watch this. I i'm thinking how the heck did the cat get where it was. I don't know and it was under the tarp on the second level. You've been running under i. I don't know how did it get to where it and it's hanging in you watch it and i'm thinking in you know it's just one claw now it's not buying. I'm like oh this poor cats going gonna plummet to its death. You hear the moment when it goes down to the one claw all old stadium. Stop to watch what was going on here. That's when it went to one claw and that's when they caught it. Wow but the people that caught it. The guy works for the university. He and his wife have season tickets. And then every game they bring an american flag. I love that. Thank god because they used they. They were underneath the cat and they opened up the american flag. Elka an emergency blanket to catch it and sure enough at worked out at broke the cat's fall and then cat lady did safely. And then the the the ultimate closing moment to make it the perfect story. They saved the cat's life. Turns right around and it's punches. The guy right in the head Did you see grabbed him in the chest and the guy's like oh you see his eyes to bulge out of his head like get this damn thing off or they catch it. He holds it like simba. Crowd place went to catch maxim tries. A clause is out and then the cat form. Put the poor thing. Can you imagine how scared that poor cat

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