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Last couple of weeks of a quarter you always like send something out to donors you're like hey now's the. Time buddy come on you ever thought about donating to our campaign you wanna do, it now So you could report, a big number just like you know we did. Right there you know because things are getting. Interesting now, because, we got the primary. Coming up. Jeez next month next month so it's do. Or die time for sure Hey should we were just, rename it Jamie she was. Just renamed the valley of the sports events Well we got the final four Again in two thousand twenty four of course this is just month month and a half after they announced we're getting another Super Bowl the. Year prior and twenty twenty three we of course also will have college. Football playoff games for the championship it'll be here in twenty nineteen twenty twenty for that season the twenty twenty two twenty three season and the twenty five. Twenty six postseasons for college football that's the festival there which is part. Of the college football playoff system now that's actually handled separately. From the actual national. Championship, game they award that separately There's still a possibility we could get the twenty twenty-five national college football. Championship but it doesn't appear to be going to cities least lately doesn't appear to be going to cities that actually part of the playoff system which is. Kind of a bummer but there's still a possibility we could have a. Super Bowl followed by a final four or followed by a. College football championship game And. Then let's see it's that brings us. To, twenty twenty six I think the next Olympics will be twenty twenty eight so we're going to find something, to fill the gap in there then, we'll get? The twenty, two thousand eight Olympics here nobody's gonna do the summer Olympics and Phoenix let's. Just be honest I say we moved the Winter Olympics to either flagstaff or. To pine top you. Know what you're not far off I I went to, the ninety four Olympics in Lillehammer Norway Lillehammer is not a whole lot bigger than flagstaff but there's there is more venues available you know, so yeah you'd have to hold. Some of the events actually. Over in the White Mountains I don't think he'd get away the whole belly has a domed football stadium There you go yeah yeah Springville what that will do for winter sports but Put a? Rink in there. For, you. Know the ice skating the Leuze sure why, not You could tell Jamie neither Jimmy nor I were. Part of the committees that, it managed to get some of these sporting, events awarded here if we ruled the world, it would be, a very. Different looking place And it wouldn't look like we'd be getting any sporting events here major, woods so just you know. The national semifinals of college basketball we'll. Be played Saturday April, six twenty, twenty four in case you wanna Mark your calendar right now and in the national championship game will be. Monday April eighth twenty twenty, four it's never too early to start planning This is according to my. Wife for sure so, don't mess it up yeah and, actually we'll be talking with the, head of the office of tourism Debbie Johnson about what kind of impact that'll have that'll be a little later on, this morning we'll talk with. Debbie it is five eighteen now KTAR Time for traffic again. And Dani Sullivan in..

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