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Ceo, Janice Jackson will also help lead the panel while we're excited about the progress that Chicago public schools has made we're excited that all ties are rising. We must acknowledge the fact that not every single student in every community has access to the same education and we intend to fix that. Not only in our city, but throughout the great state of Illinois Jackson expects Pritzker to support legislation to help Chicago schools deal with their sex abuse crisis and officials across the state or looking for help in repairing schools and building new ones on the west side. Craig Delamore, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Some of the people who lost their homes in this. Month's deadly wildfires in northern California are getting help from an unexpected place. Southern California real estate developer in restaurant owner Bob Wilson is heading out checks totalling over one million dollars to students staff and teachers at paradise high school that's the high school in the northern California town a paradise where at least eighty eight people died in a deadly wildfire. Wilson said he was pained by the destruction of the town any thought of the donation after reading a story in the Los Angeles Times about the high school that was still left standing with the students scattered in separate from each other. He said high school was the only truly carefree time of his life and learning about the students difficulties broke, his heart. The plans to give a thousand dollars to each of the students and staff members acted. I'm Jennifer king. It was a positive day on Wall Street will check the numbers from Bloomberg next. WBZ news time six fifty two. Sorry, I'm late. I thought he left the garage open and had to drive all the way home again funny. I left mine opened at two, but I got a text from my security system, letting me.

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