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Ecology yes and our ecological concept of the day is fire dependent ecosystems. Yes on the surface it would seem that fire and ecosystems do not. Math fire can be dangerous to plants and animals. Obviously I mean that's what's causing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes in California. It's it's horrifying but the human relationship with fire. Ecosystems is different from an ecosystem's relationship with fire. This world is filled with fire. Food after all oxygen is what fire eats. And there's plenty of it here in Earth you know. This has been burning since it was formed in. It's even been argued that humans couldn't have evolved the way that we have without the -bility to make firework for US fascinating however fire has the potential to destroy what we built our homes communities and Agricultural Land. Yes and for at least a portion of human history. We've tried to keep fire separate which is of course impossible because lightning strikes eventually but the more that ecologist study fire the more they realized that it's actually acts like a living breathing organism in an ecosystem. Where fires allowed to do? Its thing there might be a handful of fires every year of varying sizes intensity and type Groundfire might breeze through burning just or Ganic soil. Or it might be accompanied by a surface fire that feeds on grasses low growing shrubs enforce litter yes and then there's crown fires which might happen after a lightning storm in burn through the tree. Canopy as long as fire isn't suppressed. It's unlikely that any of these will be very destructive. At least as long as your house is not in the way of it. Yeah true there. I've been there like yeah I think. Ptsd I get it. Some ecosystems actually require fire to function And the grasslands at Little Bighorn National Monument or one of them. Yeah America's Grassland. Perry's are not what they once were. Human Agriculture has removed most of the Blue Bunch Week Grass Sandberg Bluegrass and June Grasso that used to dominate the prairies of the Midwest but fire systematically ben essential in promoting cu production keeping woody plants from sneaking into the ecosystem and basically keeping grasslands grassy although although lightning is the main way the fires are started than the prairie ecosystem. Like the one you see at little bighorn. There's a lot of evidence that native Americans started fires to drive game to promote the production of seeds in the plans. They like to eat almost like a weapon in a battle to clear the land for travel These days the National Park Service actually ignites and closely manages fires in the little bighorn and other parks for fire is an important member of a healthy ecosystem. Much like never yeah. We've seen this in a handful of parks and read a lot about it. The the benefits of fire as long as you know it's the right setting and it's obviously not arson because yes that's never good. But this time it was like Yellowstone where you know in the eighty S. We had a huge fire. And that's because we kept on putting out all these small fires and not allowing to Kinda take. Its course so then. This one happened which was by human error but still happen Basically that cigarette butt lit up the forest and it demolished most of yellowstone's ecosystem but by allowing it to what it needs to do and kind of helping it in those ways and doing in small batches. That's really what are kind of talking about this concept of like fire dependent systems exactly. You're listening to parkway India a production of iheartradio boats like big boats. You like people working on yachts. Do you like poor people in the rich people. They serve on yachts. Are you always like what goes on below deck? Hi this is Anna and nick. Turner the hosts of decades. And we WANNA take you on a fun and goofy adventure in this. Been Style. Podcast we will watch and recap every episode of Bravo's below deck and all of its spin offs. We got below deck Mediterranean and below decks sailing young. And we're going to release an episode every Monday through Friday. So you can watch with us and listen to our daily recap since podcasters are the scum of the earth and below the people who work below deck we record in the bowels of the boat. That's right we're just two fabulous idiots trying to catch you up on one of the most wonderful shows on television with our self proclaimed quirky and offbeat personality. I never said that okay. Listen the decades on the iheartradio APP APPLE PODCASTS? Or wherever you get your podcast. I'm Matt and I'm Brad this park land and today we're talking about Little Bighorn. Battlefield NATIONAL MONUMENT IN MONTANA. My favorite but now that we've sufficiently wept. It's really time to wrap up our episode on the Little Bighorn and share with each other a favorite part of this national monument. Yeah so per usual. We haven't told you there are answers. So it's a surprise. What are little favorite moments? Were from big horn. So do you want to start with? What your favorite thing about. This park was my favorite thing about this. Park was fat going there reading Looking through history at the museum's even looking to their book collections I really realized that there's much more research to do about native American culture in history Incan like junction with American history in the aspect of civil wars and timelines to understand like what we were actually doing at the same time. So there's so much more history to dive into and that's what for me. Little Big Horn was just that I still have a lot of learning to do and I. There's a lot more ways to open up my eyes to make sure that I can understand what is American history and not just written from the Americans side right beautiful. I mine is kind of similar. I would say if I'm picking a specific thing or site. The peace through unity Indian memorial. Mike easily takes the cake. I thought it's just a gorgeous memorial in and of itself but also what it symbolizes in like in general with the park on the whole I think symbolizes how much I learned what I took away and how it really rattled me. I went here and I was like like what I learned in. Fifth grade is not accurate. Granted I don't remember much but like a really kind of shocked me up and ultimately that was a very positive thing so it shows how complicated American history is especially in relation to native Americans and especially during this time and its battle took place and it's just not as cut and dry not nearly as black and white as I thought. This particular moment in history was and just fascinating. There's a lot to learn here. And it's a very eye-opening park in just that I think is my favorite also eighty-one oh shout missiles. Lewinsky from fifth grade. I know you try your best. Bless your heart. I don't remember what your curriculum was. I'm sure it was well intentioned but it'd be really fun. It's it's now kind of this weird goal of mine I would love to go to little bighorn battlefield national moment with Miss Lewinsky. Have this like Y- this beautiful like reunion there. And so if she's somehow miraculously she somehow was listening. Here's this I would love to do that. She should she should like be a gas like we've talked about her weight now. I really think it's one of those things that we should And that's because there's so much more to learn and we need to keep educating ourselves. Keep on traveling. Keep on trying to understand this beautiful culture and history that we live in the United States. Because it's very complex very deep many layers and there's so much out there. Yeah I think the number one thing that I would bring is to is to open years. Yeah in an open mind and an open mind and to shut my mouth. 'cause I just wanted to learn I want to see I want to visualize because you have to come in here with an open mind. Yes there's lots of taken so you gotTa make room for for all this new knowledge that you're learning because there is really at the time here and I think you should also bring what like I think a compact car or rental car like cross if you're are being that's something to be mindful of unless you're lucky enough to be like camping right down the street or something where I'm kind of negligible. But if you're making any sort of a hall here then it could be economically challenging now. I'll tell you one thing to not bring do not bring hiking shoes. Don't come here with like all your national parks like back camping swag because you don't need it it's definitely a small place that's very manageable A lot of eight sessile accessibility. I think the whole part anyone else can walk. It's very accessible. Yeah I think one thing. Yeah you don't need like hiking shoes or hiking boots or anything like that but I think it would be why not to come here on anything. Fancy by any means because I say that because we're here on a drizzly day and I was walking around by the memorial and step in like a pretty deep thing of mud and may thirtieth so I mean I. I wasn't wearing like hiking beats but I wasn't wearing dress shoes or anything by aiming so bring a rain jacket. Just in case just in case check the weather and younger brother printed weather thing dress. Accordingly ballparks visited and talked about I really feel like little bighorn was just a huge therapeutic lesson for me. It really was. I have a lot of feelings about it as you can tell and I mean I shed any anyone shot if they visited this place and deserve these feelings. I think we all do little bighorn. It's complicated it's emotional. It's sad and it's so important to American history and even though it's taking a long time and they're still farther ways to go. It's nice to see history moving forward in the right direction and Bringing us all along this journey of learning together. You've been listening to park. Land a show about National Parks Park land as through production of iheartradio created by Matt Carroll. Wak Brad Kerouac and Christopher has Yoda's produced and edited by Mike. John's our executive producer is Christopher. Has He Otis. Our RESEARCHER IS JUSTIN SHIELDS ESPECIAL GOES OUT TO GABRIELLE COLLINS. Crystal waters and the rest of the Parkway India crew. And Hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on Apple podcasts? It helps other people like you find our show. 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