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Does stop gun violence counter protest was canceled days earlier Fairfax county teen Michael McCabe took the opportunity to lobby lawmakers in the capital that's been a twenty eight year running annual tradition were really disappointed but we were going to give up so we found a way and this was the way they can clarity WTOP news in Maryland more than fifty guns were stolen in just one case in Baltimore county it's one reason the county is considering a bill to require added safety measures of gun shops in for gun sales one of the Baltimore county shops that was hit by burglars was owned by Robert Warnecke a former Baltimore county police officer he argued that the bill being proposed called the safe act would put a financial burden on gun shop owners it requires a number of safety features at gun shops at a council work session warnings describe what he already had at these Essex store or have cameras monitor twenty four hours a day I have half inch bars on the windows I have steel doors where three dead bolts on on one of the requirements of the county still being voted on Tuesday would require bollards be installed in front of shops so that burglars couldn't ram trucks or cars into them to gain access Kate Ryan WTOP news coming up in just a minute it was a history making night at the SAG awards so what does it mean for the Oscar race and Jason Frehley five thirty four hi Patrick single owner a new look twenty twenty underweight everyone is thinking about their new year's resolution be better exercise more and get a new roof not exactly on the top of the.

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