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You guys doing well to to not only force turnovers? But also retrieve pucks since I came here, we're saying it we're team with speed. So I mean when we got it four check we allowed to speed. He's gonna make turnovers where that's happened on the goal. But also on a couple of plays before, Dan. I'm not sure at what point you knew you were going to be playing in tonight's game. But just what was your reaction knowing that you're going to have? Another opportunity to make an impression on the coaching staff tonight. I mean, you got to always be ready for it. I mean, anything could happen at this level. And so I mean, I was ready to play a game. I had a good probation fisherman. Eggs are pretty heavy ice skated this morning. But if not I think I'm ready to play and two more period. It looked like it had a pretty good pace in that first period. Just what adjustments? Do you guys have to make going into the second period to continue to create offense for your team? I keep for checking. But also make better plays. If we got space and just pushed a buck and keep for checking heart for sure, we can't we can't pass over a minute. These on. We we've got a chip the puck out and go on for check, Danny. Thanks, good luck the rest of the way. Thank you Martell from the locker room, Greg. All right, guys. Thank you so much and our interview with Danny Martell was brought to you by pods. When your stuff stacks up stored in a pods container at your place or one of pod secure storage centers. Visit pods dot com. The official moving and storage provider of the Tampa Bay Lightning right before. The game started a couple of minutes before we got word that some Adam Ernie was going to be pulled from the line-up. Dan Martell was going to take his place. And you've got to think that was an opportunity coaching staff wanted to see Martell one more time in a game before they make a decision, and certainly he has gotten better every game. He's played so far for Tampa. Bam, and you think about it. He really came in right in the middle of preseason. He's trying to get adjusted to the area his teammates the system, and I don't think it's a coincidence. His third preseason game. So far has been maybe his best. He's circle really good. The last preseason game in Orlando against the Panthers driving to the net, creating smart, but setting up Cory conquer was a big deal for him. And he's excited to be in the lineup because it's another opportunity for him to showcase that he belongs in the NHL when we return we'll take a look at some stats Walser breakdown the out of town scoreboard. Then we'll kick it back over to Dave Michigan. And Kaley Chellios. It's one one at the end of one between the lightning and Panthers. And you're listening to it. All right here on landing radio this..

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