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WBZ Boston's news radio 10 13 time for the super Retailers of New England all wheel drive a traffic on the threes, this wet weather creating problems on the roads as we hear from Kevin Brennan. Yeah, they most certainly are here. Madison, Route one South found. Watch out for that flooding inside the Lindfield tunnel. 1 28 south beyond You got brake lights approaching a crash here at four. And 2 25 in Lexington, 93 north beyond We now have a spin out here by Commerce. Way in Woburn been slowdowns approaching a crash after 1 25 in Wilmington. Still, some heavy rains coming down going to want to keep those speeds down. Use lots of extra caution may even get some puddling in the far left and right travel lanes. Hydro planing certainly could be an issue downtown Boston Lever down ramp hung up around the garden curve If you're leaving the city outbound Tobin Bridge, little slow getting by a crasher with injuries on the Chelsea side, just after fourth Street Now the expressway northbound. Stop and go East Milton Square up through Columbia Road, Braintree to Boston. Take about 25 minutes. Southbound expressways Busy Columbia Road down through Savin Hill and then again approaching the O'Neill tunnel. Heavy rains down along Route three and that Plymouth stretch over the Sagamore Bridge and on towards that sandwich stretch of Route six. So keep those speeds down. This report sponsored by discovered Discover matches all the cash back. You weren't on your credit card at the end of your first year. It's amazing because discovers, accepted at 99% of places in the US that take credit cards. Learn more at discovered. Com slash yes 2021 Nielsen Report Limitations Apply Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. Looking at the four day AccuWeather forecast We have a flash flood watch in effect through this evening rain sticking around today highs within a few degrees of 70 Tonight cloudy a stray shower down.

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