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Can even imagine that this is a super high stakes mission the web. It's going to be nearly a million miles away and once there. We can't fix it and what's haunting. This whole project is that the hubble needed to be fixed after it was launched in nineteen ninety the images from just came back fuzzy. But i am extremely concerned by the fact that after spending almost two billion dollars over a twelve year period. We only now find out that this kind of mistake could occur and it was kind of this national joke. Have you heard about the problems with the hubble space telescope telescope billion dollars. We put up a telescope and is out of focus than so astronauts had launched on a space shuttle and fix it. Give the hubble reading glasses and they could do that because hobble was close enough to the earth where you could launch a shuttle and get there and fix it. And they call the nasa official repairman. And he said he'll be up there sometime in the twenty first century between noon and five rebuild. The greatest biggest telescope humanities ever assembled. And it's like it's blurry. Yeah yeah but you can't just go and fix the web if it breaks way too far it it just has to work so so have they been sort of like double checking everything like waiting awhile to make sure they're not making any reading glasses mistakes. Yes just taken such a long time to get here. People were talking about the successor to the hubble before the hubble even launched and the james space telescope is originally supposed to launch in two thousand ten and cost around billion dollars. Now the costs had ballooned to ten billion dollars and it's just way overdue and that they're still planning to launch it right. That's the plan. The plan is to launch by twenty twenty one. And this this this change so so. Don't ask me if it does change. and then after lunch is you know there will be some time like has to deploy has to do all these things that we talked about unfold in space. Yeah fingers crossed but then you know the science will start and this is one of the things that really drew me to. The story is that anyone can use the webb space telescope. What do you mean like. There's like a terminal somewhere that you work for like checkout spans. Yeah put your next to put in a quarter know. Anyone in the world can write a proposal. Say i want to use web to look at this. Can we use it. Yeah yeah. I wanted to know too. I asked amber at nasa absolutely. I mean you might need an astronomer friend to help you out. Should we apply you know. I looked into it and i think i think it's a little bit over our heads to this. Yeah it's it's pretty competitive to say the least so in in march twenty twenty one the space telescope science institute which which runs the web and other space telescopes they sent out emails to scientists who had applied to use the web and these these scientists were on this day where like furiously checking their emails. See if like oh. We're their proposals accepted and is kind of like all huddling around and finding out like who got parts in the school. Play exciting day. We totally felt like underdogs. It feels like a dream. It was honestly a truly amazing feeling. I think i was just stunned for for a good minute there. I probably cried a little bit. I'm pretty sure. I jumped up out of my chair in my office and shut it out. Yes and bryan. You've been talking to scientists for the last few months right. yeah. I've been talking to scientists who have been awarded time the telescope and these conversations. They just they just leave me with a big smile. Air their sense of wonder and awe. These are people who get to explore the frontiers of the cosmos. And they just have so many unanswered questions. What kind of questions are they trying to answer questions about the search for life in the universe questions about the beginning of time about exploring strange new worlds. That are way different than anything that exists in our solar system our strength. Oh i'll tell you for just after the break. This episode is brought to you by kpmg risk services kpmg. Believes that when you've earned the trust of all your stakeholders that's when your business has a solid platform to grow. That's the trusted imperative. Kpmg risk services developed and put in place dynamic risk strategies designed to help your business earned that all important trust go to read dot kpmg dot us slash. Trust to learn more. This episode is brought to you by fan duel. 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Hey and we're talking about the upcoming james webb telescope. And all the unanswered questions. It might allow scientists to answer so brian. What's the unanswered question. Scientists are trying to figure out what the web is their life on other worlds. Be going to start with. Yeah and you know th. They're looking for life and not necessarily in our neighborhood like on mars or venus although there are searches for life on those planets but they're looking for life on worlds called exoplanets which are planets that revolve around stars that are not our sodden so planets in like entirely different systems. Yeah yeah and scientists in the last decade or so have detected so many of them. There's this then this exoplanet revolution. But we've detected them with smaller telescopes and it's just hard to know a lot about them. We just can't study them super well but that's going to change. The web is going to give us a whole new view onto exoplanets autograph. I talked to an astronomer lisa. Dang she's a phd student at mcgill university. And she's been awarded time on the web to study an exit planet. This is the first telescope proposal that i ever submitted that was successful. It made me feel like an astronomer for the first time. What kind of exoplanet is she looking at. This is so rad. So i was looking down the list of like a projects approved for the web and i just stopped at lisa's because she's going to study one of the most extreme planets we've ever discovered. I wanna use james space telescope to look at k. When forty one. B eleven planet of lava planet like we get outside of.

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